Sunday, 24 April 2011

Allsorts...and not a Liquorice in sight!

Waved Umber. In my porch. 19/04/11

The following were photographed at WWT Upton Warren Nature Reserve. 22/04/11

Red Campion.

Ground Ivy.

Field Horsetail.
Cuckooflower, Lady's Smock.

Comma Butterflies and a referee Fly!

Carrion Crow mobbing Common Buzzard. Brake Lane. 22/04/11
Barn Swallows. Wassell Grove Lane. 23/04/11

Chiffchaff. Wassell Grove Fisheries. 23/04/11

Common Whitethroat. Wassell Grove Fisheries. 23/04/11
Fungi. Wassell Grove Fisheries. 23/04/11

Great Horsetail. Wassell Grove Fisheries. 23/04/11

View over fields. Wassell Grove. 23/04/11

Andrena cineraria. Dowles Brook. 24/04/11
Green Longhorn. Dowles Brook. 24/04/11

Primrose. Dowles Brook. 24/04/11


  1. Nice images, Pam. I like reading your blog.


  2. Thank you very much indeed for your kind comment Mike.

  3. You have some lovely photo's in this post Pam,I like the field landscape particulary as well as the Commas and those amazing Moths!

  4. Thank you Ruth! The sun played it's part in most of my images which helps a lot...well it does for!