Saturday, 16 April 2011

Feathers and Flies....16/04/2011

The Fisheries was a good choice this morning for my 'Saturday solitude' walk! I watched from a distance a pair of Great Tits taking nesting material into a hollow in an old tree trunk. They were back and forth so quickly, they must have found a good source of material nearby! Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Chiffchaffs were singing and a Pheasant was very vocal, so much so that I almost felt that I was back in! A Blackcap pair was a delight to see, I saw them several times on my short walk and I began to wonder if maybe I was seeing more than one pair. Other birds seen were Wren, L T Tit, Blackbird, Swallow, Skylark, Stock Dove, Moorhen, Mallard, Canada Geese and a Buzzard soaring high on the thermals. I also saw my first of the year Orange tip, Small White and Speckled Wood butterflies, a treat to see once again. Patches of Wood Anemone along the lanes looked lovely on my drive home.
I noticed in a paddock as I was looking for Ring Ouzels and Pied Wagtails (to no avail) that the horse droppings had loads of orangey coloured flies on them! They were Yellow Dung Fly! The females lay their eggs in the dung and their larvae feed and develop inside the dung!


  1. A nice account of your Saturday solitude walk Pam.......I hope you weren't spotted taking photo's of horse muck!!! lol....a fascinating fact tho and something to look out for next time I'm out and about!

    I particulary like your Speckled Wood capture!

  2. Thanks Ruth! Speckled Woods seem to want there pic taken as they always seem to land just a little further away from you when they take flight, this one I followed up the short hill.

    Not a sole about when I took the horse muck pic. Well I reckon!!.