Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ring a ring o' Ouzel, A camera full of poses!....20/04/2011

Well the title almost rhymes!lol. A female Ring Ouzel was a very welcome sight after my 3 hour jaunt around Brake Lane!
A warm and sunny morning and the birds were singing, Spring is so lovely! Highlight birds on the walk were Chiffchaff with one spotted carrying nesting material, Jay, G S W (f), Robin, Great and Blue Tits, L T Tit, Dunnock (not many seen on this walk), Starling, Buzzard and Grey Heron. At the lake the Swan was sitting on her nest while her mate warded off the Mallards and Canada Geese if they dared to venture too close to the nesting site. The Swallows(6)are back flying around the lake and barns, a lovely sight! A Nuthatch with nesting material was sighted as it flew to it's nest and on the field walk a Mistle Thrush perched on a post with a beakful of worms! A busy time of year for the birds! Orange tip and Peacock butterflies were regularly seen.
The best was saved until last. On the final stretch of the walk I scanned the fields for Wheatears, no luck in the first paddock until I reached halfway along it! "Could it be" I thought as I spotted a bird with it's back to me, it looked like a female Blackbird! It was keeping very still which is unusual for a Blackbird. Then it turned sidewards, the wing looked grey/silvery in appearance, then I spotted the dull looking bib! Eureka!!! A female Ring Ouzel...I was over the moon with excitement! It was not close enough for a good image of it but I didn't really care about that, it was just great to see such a wonderful looking bird! The paddock opposite held 5 Wheatears, maybe more as the land is undulating and hard to see all that is milling around.
The Ring Ouzel was a first for me, I was and still am a 'Very happy bunny'!


  1. What a super find Pam,I can just imagine your excitement,there's nowt quite like a self found lifer is there? Well done on getting some decent shots as well......not to mention your post title!! lol

  2. Thanks Ruth! I was really the!
    You can mention my title if you!!!