Sunday, 3 April 2011

Robin's nesting!

I have Robin's nesting in a box that is on an Ivy covered wall in my driveway! I can see the nest clearly from one of my kitchen windows! It has been about 5 years since this box was used so it will be interesting watching the comings and goings of the Robin's! I actually watched the chicks fledge the last time the box was used so I am hoping to see the same again in a few weeks time. Photo's are taken from behind the window so may not be too clear at times!


  1. Your Robin seems a busy bee there Robins are so nice to watch Pam Great pictures even if they were through the window.

  2. How exciting Pam and a bird's eye view for you too!
    I shall look forward to seeing more......the pics look great you must have very clean windows! lol.

  3. Thanks for your comments Richard and Ruth!

    He is a busy bee Richard! Car movements in the drive do not seem to bother the Robins at all, a good job as I would be grounded!!

    I will add pics from time to time Ruth! Funnily enough my windows need cleaning, I am waiting for the window cleaner to turn up or else I will have to sparkle them!!