Monday, 4 April 2011

A super, smashing, great weekend....2nd April 2011.

As I drove through Hagley village to Brake Lane I spotted my first of the year House Martin!I set off for my walk and a Skylark was singing and rising higher and higher in the sky until almost out of view but the vocals were still clearly heard, an amazing bird! Rooks aplenty were in the fields along with the usual Corvids, Woodpigeons and a flock of Chaffinch. A pair of Yellowhammers were in a hedgerow and the usual Tits were about in numbers! A Jay suddenly flew into a tree calling as it did so making me jump, I wonder if it was nesting close by and warning me away as usually they fly off once they spot you. The lake held Mallards, Coot, Canada Geese and Mute Swan. Several Drake Mallards were pestering for the attention of a female Mallard, the poor female being submerged at times and I wondered if she would survive, I hate to see this but nothing one can do about it. The cob Swan was seeing off the Canada Geese and any other species that dared to near the nest where the pen was sitting. I must say that the lake was not as peaceful as on previous visits, Spring has certainly sprung!
The woods were a delight today. Three Great Spotted Woodpeckers were having a right old ding dong for territory! There loud calls resounding around the wood as they chased each other for supremacy! At one point a GSW was drumming in a tree alongside me and another drumming seemingly just a few trees away, then the chase began again. I have never witnessed anything like this with GSW's before, amazing little birds!


  1. Spring certainly does bring out the best and worse in nature doesn't it Pam!
    A nice account of your walk,it's always nice to see and hear Skylarks and a delight to see the first of the Hirundines too!
    Super pics.....I like the Mute Swan asleep on the nest especially....a lovely peaceful scene amongst all the chaos!

  2. Best and worse indeed Ruth! Hopefully things will have calmed down on my next!