Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Walton Hill & Uffmoor Wood....17/04/2011

A quick visit to Walton Hill, which if you walk to the top is the highest point of the range of hills that form the Clent Hills! I confused myself there so hope that is clear. Anyway a quick check in the fields and a male Wheatear was soon spotted. Lambs were frolicking in a manure stack...looking very angelic...not!!!
Then the short drive was taken to Uffmoor Wood. Blackcap were the first birds seen a male and female, plenty more were later seen and heard around the wood! Chaffinch, L T Tit, Jay, Song Thrush, Greenfinch, Blue & Great Tit, Robin, and Great Spotted Woodpecker were also seen on the walk. Peacock butterflies were abundant in the wood. A Muntjac was spotted in the depths of the wood and a barking Roe Deer was heard in the distance, I have never heard this before, quite eerie in fact! A female Roe Deer was later seen resting amongst the Bluebells, such a pretty picture! Wildflowers were the star attraction today, the Wild Garlic is budding well and I was lucky to find a small patch in flower.

Yellow Archangel.
Wood Anemone.
Wild Garlic.
Greater Stitchwort

Common Dog-violet.


  1. I bet those Lambs were boys!!! lol
    A wonderful shot of the Roe Deer amongst the blubells Pam,quite charming!
    Amazingly it was only a few days ago that I found,photographed and I'd some Yellow Archangel in my garden......it's filling an otherwise empty corner so can stay...."a Rose by any other name" eh?

  2. Oh no doubt about it...boys.lol!

    Speaking to a lady walking her dogs she said that she had seen a dozen or more Deer race across a path in the woods a couple weeks ago, so there are plenty in there to spot occasionally. The one in the photo looked a treat as it lazed on a warm day Ruth.

    How nice to find such a pretty wildflower in your garden but be warned it is invasive. Read up on it Ruth, you may find that empty corner is not so empty in future years!

  3. How nice re the Deer.....keep your eyes peeled next time you're in that area!!

    Yes I did read up about Yellow Archangel but as it's growing in an otherwise empty and difficult area I'll leave it for now......but keep an eye on it all the same!!

  4. Vipers Bugloss is a good plant for a spare piece of ground Ruth. It self seeds but can be kept under control. Bees and Butterflies love it! Google it!

  5. Thanks Pam,I'll look it up,especially as we are re-vamping the garden with nature in mind at the mo!

  6. Hey There :)

    I happened to put "Uffmoor Wood, Deer" into google and this page came up half way down the list!

    I'm currently studying Zoology at Uni and have a real passion for British Wildlife and in particular Deer. I have been to the usual places to look for them (being from the West Midlands myself) including Cannock Chase/Wyre Forest etc.

    Anyway I happened to visit Uffmoor Wood back at the start of the year after a friend who lives nearby the wood told me there had been sightings of Deer there. I checked it out myself - I didn't see any Deer first time, only droppings, tracks.

    Have been back about 5+ times since and have been lucky to have seen both Roe Deer and Muntjac there - I even managed to capture a Roe on film in the distance (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avIvV7b4DrY).

    Anyway I just wondered how many Deer you had seen? I have only seen about 5 in one group but you say somebody had seen a dozen?

    Keep up the good work with the blog - have bookmarked it for future reference!

    Best Wishes,


  7. I would have expected to be at the top of the google list.lol!!

    Hi Rob,
    You did well to get such a long video of the Roe Deer, staring each other out by the looks of it! Good to hear the Chiffchaff on the video too! Well done and thanks for the link.

    On one occasion at Uffmoor Wood I saw a female Roe with a fawn, a pair of Muntjac and of course the latest sightings in this post. It would seem if you stay long enough in the Wood you may be lucky to see several as the lady I spoke of did.

    The Deer Park (Fallow Deer)at Hagley Hall is always worth a visit, especially in the rutting season, late Sept/mid October. Stay well clear of the electric fences though.lol!

    I saw a Red Deer at Dowles Brook, Wyre Forest a couple of years ago but none since on subsequent visits.

    Good luck with your Zoology Course and thank you for taking the time to comment which is very much appreciated.

    Best Wishes


  8. Hi Pam,

    Thanks for your reply - I hope you don't mind me popping on again.

    I appreciate you telling me about Hagley Hall - I will be sure to check that out come the Autumn! Plantasia/Mazeworld near Atherstone (not too far) have 3 species of Deer there (Fallow, Red & Sika) and is well worth a look (http://www.visitplantasia.co.uk/meet-the-animals.aspx).

    I am familiar with Dowlesbrook/Knowles Coppice as I have been there looking for a bird called a Dipper - lovely place too!

    Many Thanks again!

    Best Wishes, Rob

  9. Hi Rob,

    Pop on to my Blog anytime you wish.

    Plantasia/Mazeworld looks a great place for a day trip. I will bear it in mind, thanks for the link.

    Did you get a Dipper? A good tiime to go now as they will be nesting and possibly feeding now so they will be more active!It is very hit and miss if I see a Dipper there, right place at the right time come's to mind.lol! Saw some super Hawfinch and Brambling there over the winter and now my quest is Wood Warbler, Redstart, Flycatchers, oh and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker would be a great sighting, only seen one once and that was at Dowles Brook. A great area!

    Happy Deer watching!



  10. Hi Pam,

    No worries re: the link. Yes I did get the Dipper, I have seen them a few times along there this year - also saw Mandarin Duck along there too! Knowles Coppice is where I saw my first "Lesser Spotted Woodpecker" just a few weeks ago as well - a lovely bird.

    If you get a minute, feel free to check my "talkwildlife" profile out where I have some photos/videos/updates of my own at: http://www.talkwildlife.com/profile/rjmartin

    Best Wishes,


  11. Hi Rob,

    Many thanks for the link to your 'profile' page! You have some super photo's on there especially that cute little Wood Mouse, a great capture! I will also make time to view your videos!
    Great that you have seen the L S Woodpecker, it is a super little bird!