Friday, 13 May 2011

A breezy walk!.... 08/05/2011

A breezy walk indeed! I did wonder if I would see many birds as I set off on my 'Sunday solitude' walk. With a local derby footie match taking place and my Daughter on holiday I had a few hours unusually on a Sunday to myself, also Sunday as opposed to my normal 'Saturday solitude' as the weather on Saturday was shall we say rather a washout!
Rooks aplenty fed in the fields as I started my walk down Brake Lane and Skylarks were high in the sky, their warbling clearly heard despite the strong wind blowing! Swallows, Blackbirds, a Pheasant, Robin, L T Tit, Blue & Great Tit, Mistle Thrush, 20+ Goldfinch feeding in a field along with a similiar number of Starlings, I was surprised to see this many of each flock at this time of year, Buzzard, Grey Heron, with Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler heard only. The stars of the show today were the Cygnets and Donkey that came over to me for a fuss, that is the Donkey not the Cygnets! The Donkey pics are a tad over exposed as the Donkey kept following me when I was trying to get the sun behind me for a pic, well that's my feeble excuse for my poor photographic! There were four Cygnets in the nest, I was told that there were six originally with one being predated and another looking sickly so probably also predated. I hope the remaining four survive safely, time will tell.
Several swathes of Bluebells were seen on the walk with some just starting to go over though the perfume from them was still refreshing! Good to see how green this area has now become though spotting the birds in the trees is a pain now...literally as my neck began to ache!


  1. The images from your Sunday solitude walk are lovely Pam,what a cute looking Donkey friend you made!
    It is getting extremely dificult to see anything in the trees now isn't it......quite frustrating at times! lol

  2. Thanks for your comment Ruth and I am delighted that you enjoyed the photo's and especially pleased that you like my new friend. I reckon the Donkey is getting used to seeing me now as this was the first time it had come over to me for a nuzzle or maybe it hoped that I had a!