Tuesday, 3 May 2011

First juvenile in my garden in 2011!

The first juvenile in my garden this year was/is a........... Feral Pigeon! It perched on a bird table for quite a while early this morning, luckily the local Sparrowhawk didn't spot it. It is so like one of it's parents. A poor shot attached of toddler and parent!


  1. Nice to see the youngsters slowly emerging isn't it Pam.....I had my first juv House Sparrow in the garden yesterday....all new and pale,quivering it's wings at Dad who was feeding it from my fat balls.

  2. I bet that was a treat to see Ruth! No doubt by now it has been joined by it's siblings and other H Sparrow fledglings. I had a male House Sparrow a few times on the feeders in my garden last week, I was thrilled as it is the first I have spotted in my garden for over 18 months!!