Friday, 13 May 2011

Upton Warren....10/05/2011

An early evening visit to the Moors Pools was pleasant. The usual Gulls and Waterbirds were seen! The highlight was the comical sight of 3 Goslings as they nestled under their Mums wing and periodically peeping out one by one! Such cute birds at that age...and when they are mature of! Numerous Swifts, Martins and 4 Common Terns were a joy to view as they flew low over the pool! Chiffhchaff and a Wren were in full voice on the way back to the carpark. A short visit to the Education Centre was then taken and by this time the sun was setting, the sunset looked a treat after the dullness of the early evening!



  1. A smashing sunset shot Pam and I love the silhouetted Wren,well captured indeed!
    All the Ducklings and Goslings are lovely to see aren't they.
    Nice one with Common Terns I am still to see a Tern of any variety up to date!

  2. I doubt it will be long before your non sighting of a Tern is rectified Ruth! It is great to see the Ducklings and Goslings! I am waiting for a few fledglings to appear in my garden soon, strangely I haven't seen any sign of Blackbirds nesting yet!
    Glad you liked the pics Ruth, many thanks!