Saturday, 20 August 2011

A couple of ambles.

Saturday the 13th of August found me on a quest to see if I could catch sight of the Tawny Owls I had seen on the 30th July, not surprisingly I didn't even hear a! I did however have great views of a flock of c40 Goldfinches feeding on Thistle seed heads.A Blackcap (f), Great and Blue Tit, Greenfinch, Robin, Blackbird, Magpie, Woodpigeon, a Green Woodpecker heard and great views of a Great Spotted Woodpecker. Plenty of House Martins were hunting over nearby paddocks along with a few Barn Swallows.


Great Spotted Woodpecker.


Sunday the 14th August and a local(ish) wood was visited for the first time. The wood is in an area that has residential and Industrial properties alongside it. The woodland has I believe been reduced in size over the years but still has plenty of habitat left for wildlife. The River Stour runs alongside this small wood, sadly the invasive plant Himalayan Balsam is prolific and screens long stretches of the river in this area, better views will be had of the river once this plant has died back in Autumn
Talking to a few friendly dog walkers I was told that a Buzzard frequents the area and it's favoured perching tree was pointed out to me, also Kingfishers have been sighted (albeit quickly) as they fly along this stretch of the River Stour and that Sparrowhawks have nested and raised 3 young! This area has great potential and is worth checking out from time to time. There are plenty of berry trees so the possibility of seeing Fieldfare, Redwing and with a bit of luck a few Waxwings here this coming winter.

A few images of the pathway on the edge of the wood and River Stour.


  1. Nice to read about oyur local ambles Pam,Himalyan Balsam is becoming a big problem isn't smells awful too!
    I hope the new wood will become a productive spot for you and that maybe you'll catch a nice view of a Kingfisher or two there!
    I like the Goldfinches/Thistle photo.....lovely!

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Ruth, it is much appreciated!

    The wood being fairly local and accessible from a main road will be handy to drive to for a walk around if we get a bad winter...rather than negotiating lanes to visit woods a little further! Glad you like the Goldies and Thistle pic, I was rather pleased with that pic, quite subtle...well it is for!