Monday, 8 August 2011

Falco peregrinus! 7/08/2011.

Great excitement late yesterday afternoon seeing a Peregrine Falcon circling high over the gardens! It soared around for a good couple of minutes but much too high to get a good photo but record photo's were taken. My Daughter was viewing it with her bins when she also saw it 'poop'...not an everyday sighting with a bird so high. Luckily it was out of our! We were 99.9% sure it was a Peregrine but had it ID'd to be sure. Apparently it is an adult in active wing and tail moult!
A great 'over the garden' tick!
I also had my first 'in the garden' Meadow Brown butterfly, albeit a rather worn one!


  1. Wow,what a great bird to have over your garden Pam,brilliant photo's of it too,really well spotted!
    Glad to hear that you weren't directly in the line of fire too!! lol

  2. Peregrine, a welcome addition to you garden list no doubt Pam. I get them occasionally over humble terraced house garden in Kidderminster...stunning birds

  3. They are stunning Jason! The Peregrine is now in good company and joins the Red Kites and Hobby I have on my 'over the garden' list, not forgetting the Common Buzzards of course!

    Thanks for your kind comment.