Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lights out!.... 26/11/20011

Early morning and the clouds were dark with just a few breaks amongst them of blue sky so I hoped for some sunshine on my walk at the Fisheries this morning! 7.45am and I was just about to dress for walking when the lights went out, a power cut!! Thankfully I had already had a cuppa and my brekkie!! After fumbling around for my walking attire I set off for the short drive to the Fisheries with house alarms serenading do people sleep through such loud sounds? On arrival I changed into my wellies and noticed that I had odd trainers on, thank goodness nobody was around to see my odd foot attire bar the ponies in the paddock, I knew I should have used a torch when dressing!

Things could only get better I thought! They did as I listened for a good 10 minutes to the varied song of a Song Thrush though I did not actually see it. The leaves will all be off the trees soon so maybe next time I can view along with hearing the Song Thrush. A few Fieldfare and a good few more Redwing were seen as they flew over and the area and a flock of c40 Siskins were a lovely sight to see as they fed in the Alders, with a few Goldfinch mixed in with them.

I spotted a fresh Fungi today and have had an ID for it Melanoleuca verrucipes , I am well pleased as I have been told that it is a 'rather rare species' and was 'first discovered in the UK in 2010''s about that then..and 'is supposedly spreading due to our increasing use of woodchip'!

I also found a Slime-mould today...I had never heard of or seen any before today! The slime-mould was kindly ID'd for me as being Mucilago crustacea.

Slime mold is a broad term describing protists that use spores to reproduce. Slime molds were formerly classified as fungi, but are no longer considered part of this kingdom.
Protists are a diverse group of eukaryotic microorganisms. Historically, protists were treated as the kingdom Protista, which includes mostly unicellular organisms that do not fit into the other kingdoms, but this group is contested in modern taxonomy...
Their common name refers to part of some of these organisms' life cycles where they can appear as gelatinous "slime". This is mostly seen with the myxomycetes, which are the only macroscopic slime molds.

The sun did not shine until I returned home..typical..but nevertheless I enjoyed my 'Saturday Solitude', two new finds and some wonderful birds seen and heard!!

NB: I have since been informed that Melanoleuca verrucipes
"was first recorded in Britain in 2000, so maybe not so rare (but still a notable record)".
I am still pleased with my find and will submit the sighting to the relevant County Recorder.

Melanoleuca verrucipes


Mucilago crustacea


  1. Nice post, I like all your images.

    What's wrong with wearing odd trainers? Surely, if people can wear odd socks as a fashion statement, wearing odd trainers is OK too.

  2. I bet you enjoyed seeing and hearing those 40+ Siskin Pam...I havent had numbers anywhere near that yet this year

  3. What an eventful morning you had Pam,I laughed out loud at your trainer mishap!! Don't worry about it H once arrived at a restaurant for Sunday lunch in his slippers with no power cut for an excuse!! lol
    Congrats on your new fungi,fascinating info re the Slime too!
    The Robin and friend photo is lovely well captured.
    Hope your leccy was restored by the time you returned from your Saturday solitude!

  4. Ha ha! I am not about to start a fashion statement with odd trainers Mike! Now odd socks I can live with but not odd shoes!! Thanks for your kind comments!

    The Siskin were in a couple of flocks and very mobile Jason, I did enjoy seeing and hearing them, hope you get good numbers of them soon! No doubt you are still smiling, and rightly so, with your Desert Wheatear find! Thanks for your comment.

    I would have been more upset if I had been walking around the shops in such odd footwear! One pair are smart and the other pair are..well! Thanks for your kind comments!