Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sun, Sea, Sand and Storms continued.

A wonderful sunrise en route to Portugal...image taken at 7.10am.

Sunrise over Lagoa dos Salgados

Rainbow over Lagoa dos Salgados

Lagoa dos Salgados

Qiunta do Lago

Cape St Vincent

Bird of Paradise
One of many in the gardens at the Apartment.

An amazing amount of snails found on posts at Lagoa dos Salgados.

Wasp nest
One of 3 that I found in vegetation at the lagoon, the first I have ever spotted in this area.

Red-veined Darter

Incy wincy spiders!!!

Lang's Short-tailed Blue
A record photo of a new butterfly for me seen at Vila do Bispo, a Swallowtail butterfly was also seen in the same area.

Mighty Cork Oaks from little acorns.....
Not so little are they the Cork Oak acorn compared to UK acorns.

Sunset over Galé beach

The following images are Sand sculptures on show in Albufeira Old Town. As the weather changed during the latter part of the second week with rain and strong winds during the night it is clear that the sculptures do not stand up to inclement weather. Someone's hard work in tatters!

The following photo's were taken on the 26th as the clouds and rain began to take over from the glorious sunshine.

The roof of Faro airport took a battering through the night of Sunday the 23rd/Monday 24th. At around 5.00am in the morning the strong winds buckled each end of the airport roof! Fortunately the airport was closed to passengers at that time in the morning and just 5 staff were injured, not seriously thank goodness! The airport was evacuated on the 26th (Wed) due to strong winds again and the fear of more disruption. Manual check-in took place on one of the carparks!! Fortunately the following day when we were due to fly home all was back to normal...well check in was as normal and the Duty free shop was in business. It was sad to see the airport in such a mess but fortunately no fatalities.

View over Faro.

Flying High!


  1. Nice to see a bit of the scenery of the Algarve Pam,it looks a beautiful area that you visit,despite the storms you encountered......that sunset is wonderful!
    Your Red-veined Darter photo is really good too,not a species I've come accross as yet!

  2. It is a beautiful area Ruth, I never tire of visits there. The Sunsets were much more dramatic than the sunrises...I wish I was still there to take a few more pics of each.lol!

    Thanks for your kind comment and thanks for ploughing through the long posts, it is very much appreciated.