Friday, 9 December 2011

The Birmingham 'Bullring Bull'!....09/12/2011

I was amazed when I saw the 'Bullring Bull' today clothed in his 'Christmas sweater'!
A nice touch and very amusing!


  1. If your weather's like ours then he certainly needs his winter woolly - a woolly bully! Been catching up on your recent posts which have somehow eluded me. Fallow deer are getting more and more common around here, much to the consternation of some unfortunate gardeners. I loved reading about your Jackdaw walk - as usual your enthusiasm for all birds came shining through. Take care.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments John.

    The Fallow deer are in a deer park so neighboroughing gardens are spared, that is unless there are a few escapees!
    Winter is certainly getting to grips now!

  3. Blimey.......I bet that took some knitting! lol
    I've nothing festive up at all yet.....oh well there's plenty of time to get into the spirit isn't there!

  4. Lol Ruth! The bull did look cosy and warm!

    I am now festive with a tree and a few glittery items in situ! Go on......get trimmed!