Friday, 9 December 2011

Fallow Deer, Hagley Hall.... 06/12/2011

Deers at dawn.

As dawn crests so softly across the morning skies
Soon the warm sunlight will softly begin to rise

Beautiful deers stroll and take a drink at dawn
A strong sense of beauty is their gentle fawn

The two little fawns frolic in the tall green so green
The morning air is full of calmness so softly serene

High above a gorgeous and colorful bird gracefully flies
The beauty of natures sounds and sights go on and on
Seeing the beautiful deers such a delight to be seen

By Starlight1


  1. A nice poem along with some super festive Deer pics Pam......they compliment each other perfectly!

  2. Hi Pam,

    Long time no speak! I have been busy with work the last few weeks but have still managed to cram in some wildlife watching! Feel free to check my talkwildlife (click my name) to see my latest stuff :)

    Have been following your blog with interest - I had to comment when I saw this post a little while ago as I have wanted to go to Hagley Hall for some time.

    I have just been on the website but it says it is £10 admission & the Hall is only open from January onwards? Is the hall itself - I am only after the grounds to photograph/video the Deer - any info would be really appreciated!

    All the best, Have a nice Christmas & a Happy New Year.

    Cheers, Rob

    P.S - I am now on Twitter!
    Follow me & I will follow back, if you're on there!

  3. Hi Rob,

    Good to be speaking to you again, I will certainly check out your recent sightings!

    All you have to do is park on the Church carpark, Rob. Drive down Hall Drive and at the end you will see the Church and hall, then continue to the Church carpark. The fence is 'electrified', well so the warning notice says but it is possible to get a decent pic through the fence if the Deer are fairly close. You can also walk through the churchyard and around it for better views sometimes, follow the path through the churchyard and at the end of it walk to the right (over the grass) there is a gate there where I have had good views from. Check out the whole of the Deer park that is in view as sometimes they are quite spread out.
    Buzzard, Raven, Corvids are sometimes around and you maybe lucky and get a Grey wagtail by the stream next to the Churchyard.
    I hope you manage a visit there and have great Deer views!

    Thank you for your kind wishes, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a 'Wildlide' filled and Happy New Year 2012!

    Best wishes

    PS: I don't do Twitter but thanks for the offer of following.

  4. Hi Pam,

    Visited Hagley Hall this afternoon on the way to a couple of garden centres! Followed your instructions, the gate was closed by the hall though so we parked in the lane and walked in - walked to the church, followed the path round and managed to photograph/video the Deer through the fence. Spent half an hour or so - popped in the church as well. Will probably head back in the Summer/Autumn time - the Deer weren't up to much today (at this time of year they are winding down from the rut.)

    Thanks again for the info! Will keep following your blog :)

    Best Wishes,


  5. Hi Rob,

    I am so pleased that you managed your visit! I will look out your video.

    Happy New Year and Wildlife watching to you!

    Best wishes