Sunday, 18 December 2011

Slip, sliding away....17/12/2011

Slip, sliding away is exactly what I did as I journeyed to the Fisheries on this cold and frosty morning! I had spotted a Kestrel hovering and thought I may have the chance of a photo so I started to brake slowly and then the wheels of my car had a mind of their own, black ice!! Fortunately I was not going fast and quickly gained control of my car, unfortunately the Kestrel had moved on! Fieldfares and a few Redwings and Blackbirds fled out of the hedgerows as I continued down the lane, good to see so many Thrushes enjoying the berried hedgerows!
A mixed flock of c60 Siskin and Goldfinch were in flight on arrival at the pools, mainly Siskins! The odd Fieldfare and Redwing passed overhead along with Carrion Crow and Woodpigeons and two Pied Wagtails were feeding alongside the ponies in the paddock. The star birds today were the Bullfinches, 6 or possibly 7 individuals were seen in the hedgerows of trees and shrubs, 4/5 males and 2 females. A distant perched Buzzard was spotted, I normally hear rather than see it of late.
A good early morning walk in the company of my Daughter who 'most unusually' decided an early Saturday morning walk would be refreshing...we both agreed that it was!


  1. Nice for you to have company on your early morning walk for a change eh Pam....I'm glad to read that you didn't put her off completely by running off the road in a skid!!! lol
    Nice species and nice scenic pics too matey!

  2. Lol Ruth! A good job I am not heavy footed!!

    Thanks for your comments Ruth!