Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Wren around every corner....10/12/2011

A pastel blue sky and pastel pink clouds were a pleasure to see this morning at sunrise though the ground was white with frost and so was my car! After deicing my car I headed for Roman Way. The public footpath at the far end of Roman Way leads to the bridlepath which leads to Bunkers Hill Wood. House Sparrows were plentiful in the hedgerow, a bird I rarely see in my garden now, I thought how lucky the neighboroughing houses were to have so many of these delightful birds in and around their gardens. Several Blackbirds were flicking away at the fallen leaves but quickly taking flight as I neared them, a couple of Greenfinch were also viewed along the path and a small flock of Starlings flew overhead. As I approached the bridlepath I heard the 'teck teck' call of a Wren, then it was in view! A joy to watch are the Wrens as they busily hunt for insects, this particular one was searching in every crevice of a decaying tree trunk stump! I kept happening upon Wrens and I believe there were at least 3 individuals, great to see these sweet little birds, I just hope we do not have a severe Winter for their sakes!
In the small wood alongside the bridlepath were a Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Song Thrush, Blackbirds,Blue and Great Tits, Magpies, Woodpigeons and above the canopy Carrion Crows were very vocal! The sun was shining brightly through the wood, it looked so lovely, the fallen leaves and faded vegetation looking particularly colourful! It really was a bitterly cold morning so after an hour or so I made my way back to my car. Walking back along the footpath I had great views of a solitary Fieldfare feeding in a berry tree, it allowed me a couple of photo's then it took flight calling out it's 'chack, chack' call as it flew, such a harsh call compared to the Wren! Along this footpath Waxwings were around for a few days last winter, I will have to keep checking as we head further in to winter.

A cold and frosty morning!

Along the footpath there were several iced over puddles of which I enjoyed stepping in to and cracking the ice! Fortunately nobody was around at the time watching me!

The leaves have all but a few fallen in the wood now making it much easier to see the birds.

One of many Wren sightings.

A random find in a paddock!

It looks cold but a lovely view nonetheless.

All fluffed up against the cold!

Searching through the leaves, one of many Blackbirds encountered this morning.

Honesty Lunaria annua. The disc-shaped seed pods looked a treat as they were backlit by the rising sun.

The solitary Fieldfare

A delightful songster to see and hear at the end of my walk!


  1. I was able to watch a wren this morning without leaving the warmth of the house; one was hopping around in my fuchsias just outside the window. Love to hear the amazing power of their song.

  2. A powerful song indeed for such a little mite John! I have heard a Wren in my garden twice over the weekend but it has kept low in the conifers!

    Enjoy your Wren John!

  3. A super read do seem to be having bother with boots/shoes don'y you? lol I gather this odd one wasn't yours!! lol
    I love,your pics,the Wren,Robin and Blackbird are a delight as is the iced Bramble leaves! My fave has to be the shining honesty.....great work and nice to read about your chilly Saturday walk!

  4. The odd one was not mine! I had my fleece lined wellies on (matching), hence why I was cracking the ice on the frozen!

    Thank you very much for your lovely comments!