Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Years Day Mr. Robin....01/01/2012

My favourite bird the Robin was my first bird sighting in my garden on this New Years Day. I had heard a Robin and Blackbird when it was still dark and wondered which of the two would be the first sighted, as it happens I didn't sight a Blackbird until on my walk a couple of hours later. Woodpigeon, Dunnock, Carrion Crow, Magpie and Feral Pigeon were the next arrivals and in the afternoon a Sparrowhawk flew at speed across the garden.
I decided the circular walk around Brake Lane would be the best choice for a local walk today, a good choice as it turned out. A Fieldfare was the first bird spotted as I started my walk followed by a Blue Tit of which I was to see plenty of during the walk. Along a hedgerow were 5 Yellowhammers and a few Chaffinch plus a Robin. Nearing the bridleway and paddocks a green Woodpecker flew across the nearby field then I heard and saw a Jay, whilst scanning for the Jay I spotted a Treecreeper and then a Nuthatch! A mixed flock of Siskins and Goldfinch were feeding in the Alders that are in one of the huge gardens. A small flock of Long-tailed Tits were also in the same garden but Goldcrests normally seen in this area eluded me today. The bridleway was extremely muddy and slippy after the recent rain so caution was needed, hence my head was kept looking down instead of looking up ahead of me! Mistle Thrush, Fieldfare, Redwing and a flock of 30+ Pied Wagtails were seen in the paddock alongside the wooded area plus a few Blackbirds. On the lake were Black-headed Gulls (which are scanned for anything different, there never is though, one day maybe), the Mute Swan family, Mallards, Coot, Moorhen and a Little Grebe. As I arrived back at my car I spotted a bird perched on the wires that run alongside a public footpath between fields, a Corn Bunting thought I as I looked at the silhouetted shape through my bins! I walked slowly up the footpath and it was a Corn Bunting, I have seen a couple here in the past. As I walked back down the path I heard Skylarks and spotted four above me and then a Raven cronked as it flew over the field, a good end to my walk! I ended the walk with a count of 34 species, I was well pleased as the area covered is relatively small compared to other local walks.


  1. Not a bad haul...34 Species. Good to know that your Corn Buntings are still around in the Brake Lane area Pam

  2. I was well chuffed with 34 species Jason, especially given the size of the area! I was surprised not to get a GSW though but the Green Woodpecker of which I normally hear rather than see made up for it!
    It is really good news with the Corn Buntings!