Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Mutation of Thrushes....07/01/2012

Fieldfares and Redwings where the notable birds on my walk at the Fisheries this morning. The flocks were very mobile as they fed in the paddocks and on pasture land, lovely birds to see, berries have now all but gone on the trees and shrubs. Great Tits and Blue Tits were very vocal as the sun appeared from behind the clouds and warmed the air. I was pleased to have sightings of 5 possibly 6 Bullfinches though once they spot you they take flight! A couple of Siskins perched for a few seconds atop a tree and a Wren was busy feeding in the brambles. I had great views for a good 10 minutes of a male Sparrowhawk preening in the sunshine as it perched low on a tree branch. It made a pleasant change from watching one devouring it's prey!! Apart from a couple of Pied Wagtails in a paddock the above bird species were the only one's seen this morning. As I made my way down the track to return home a huge flock of Woodpigeons were feeding in one of the fields and suddenly took flight, I looked to see what had spooked them, it was a Sparrowhawk, possibly the one I had been watching preening!


  1. Which Fisheries do you walk Pam? Wassell Grove?

    I also had a load of Fieldfare at Shenstone yesterday.

  2. Yes Wassell Grove Jason. It isn't a long walk compared to some I do but I am normally there for a couple of!

    Winter Thrushes are getting more mobile now I reckon with the berry trees being emptied of their fruit in the field hedgerows etc. I see daily a flock of 8-10 Redwings flying over my house, I reckon they are starting on gardens now! I am hoping they will find my Holly and Crab apple trees soon.

  3. I know the fisheries well Pam. I grew up in Halesowen and lived there until 2003 when I moved to Kidderminster. I have walked Lutley and Wassel Grove many a time with my mate Craig (Lutley Birder) I spent some of my formative birding years (mid-late 90's) birding there.

    The other place I did regular over that way was at the back of St Kenelms church and Penorchard Meadows

  4. That's a super Sparrowhawk capture Pam and I like your sunrise footpath......not quite a long and winding road tho eh? lol
    I too am seeing winter Thrushes roaming more and more Rowanberries have been completely stripped including the ones on the ground too.......non remain for the Waxwings to visit my garden this winter!

  5. Jason: You recognised the track to the Fisheries no doubt Jason. The Fisheries is one of just a few local places that I feel safe when out birding alone.
    St Kenelms Church and Penorchard Meadows will now be put on my 'to do' list!

    Ruth: Thanks Ruth, glad you liked my pics. A long and bumpy road would be more apt.
    My Rowan is now stripped of berries and is having a short back and sides tomorrow morning, well a tidy! Hope you get a few Waxwings again, if only passing through your garden!