Thursday, 5 January 2012

Whooper Swan feed at WWT Martin Mere....30/12/2011

This video took an age to upload on Youtube!! Apologies for the bumpy ride at the end of the video, I reckon I was!
My camera gave up the ghost after taking this video, the on/off switch went kaput! Maybe it was all the wet weather? I am borrowing a Panasonic FZ45 at present until I get my camera fixed. My pics may!


  1. lol,yes I reckon you were too Pam!
    A lovely film.....nice detail of the feeding Whooper towards the end,I was just thinking how gentle it was when it bit it's neighbour!! lol.
    Hope you get your camera repaired soon!

  2. The Whoopers were so noisy but a joy to watch! A pity I lowered my camera after the 'peck'.lol!

    Thanks for your kind comments Ruth!

  3. Great footage Pam - I myself went to Slimbridge yesterday, don't know if this will interest you!

    I didn't see the Bittern that is there unfortunately but I did get the female Lesser Scaup :)

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Best Wishes, Rob

  4. Hi Rob,

    You picked a good weather day for Slimbridge! I really enjoyed viewing your video, especially seeing the Otters and Harvest Mice! I have yet to see an Otter in the wild, that would be great. Nice one with the Lesser Scaup but a pity with the Bittern, they are so elusive!

    Thank you for your very kind words about my blog and thanks for the superb link.

    All the best,