Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February finale.

21st Feb A male Bullfinch in my garden in the morning which returned with a female early afternoon. It was just under 12 months since my last sighting of a Bullfinch in my garden.
23rd Feb. Blackbird and Blackcap enjoying the apples in my garden.
25th Feb A Common Buzzard over my garden.
25th Feb Brake lane. Robin, Dunnock, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Yellowhammer, Starling, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Fieldfare, Jay, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Corvids, B H Gull. Snowdrops and Winter Aconite.
26th Feb Dowles Brook, Wyre Forest. Blue Tit, Great Tit, Marsh Tit, Wren, Chaffinch, Goldcrest, Blackbird, Robin, House Sparrow, Grey Wagtail, Dipper x2 (in flight). 26th Feb Red Kite over my garden.


  1. That's a nice Bullfinch image Pam! I can't believe it's March already and that (fingers crcossed) the worst is over!
    What a great garden tick for you with the Red Kite flyover!

  2. Thanks Ruth. The Bullfinch was a welcome surprise visitor and the Red Kite sighting has saved me a trip to!

    It doesn't seem that long ago that the Xmas tinsel came down! Spring is definately springing now!

  3. Your so lucky to have Bullfinches visit your garden Pam (even if it is just annually)...I'm a tad jealous ;-)

  4. I heard the male before seeing him Jason, unmistakable aren't they!