Friday, 16 March 2012

Garden Update.

The Blackcap has flown, I haven't seen her since Monday when she settled unusually on to a lawn where I had put crumbled scones and seed down for the ground feeders, she took a few bites of scone and then flew to a Willow tree. This was the first time I had seen her eat anything other than apples or pears that I spike on an apple tree. Maybe she was bulking up in readiness for her long journey back to her breeding ground. I shall miss seeing her daily in my garden as I have been doing for several weeks now. Safe journey to her and hopefully she will return next Winter. I shall cease spiking fruit on the trees now as the Blackbirds who normally enjoy the fruit have ignored two juicy pears I put out today, they have other things on their minds now and besides the ground is now soft so they should be getting a few tasty worms! A female Chaffinch has visited my garden the last two days, not often I have them visit so nice to see the female, unusually no male with her. The Dunnocks are whizzing about in the garden in 3's (as they do) and Blue Tits have been checking out a nestbox! I spotted a Blue Tit this morning gathering a few of the feathers that I had swept under a conifer hedge, they are the remains of the last pigeon to fall prey to the Sparrowhawk, good to see that they are being recycled. Robins are in and out of a nestbox that is in Ivy in my drive, fingers crossed they decide to use it! Magpies are frequently seen flying over the garden with twigs and Woodpigeons are cooing and swooping in flight. I spotted Frog Spawn in the pond but sadly I was not quick enough to retrieve it to transfer it to a small pond for safety, the fish ate it!!! So, all systems go now, an exciting and interesting time of the year.
The photo's were taken through a window in poor light...well that is my excuse and I am sticking to!


  1. Hi Pam, You have a very interesting and enjoyable blog here and I have enjoyed looking through some of your earlier posts. Spring is such a lovely time of year and there seems to be a lot starting to happen already in your garden. I am always sorry when the Blackaps finish their Winter visits to my garden.

    Lovely to see the Slow Worm on your previous post, I haven't seen one for years. It was a beautiful day here too last Sunday but since then we have barely had any sun at all :-(

  2. Fascinating time of year, isn't it? Every day seems to bring something new.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments about my Blog ShySongbird, they are very much appreciated.

    With Blackcaps visiting the garden throughout the Winter it gives a chance to study them as once the leaves are on the trees it is a bit hit and!
    Sunshine promised for the week ahead, hope you get to see some of it.

  4. It is a fascinating season John and everything happening at such a pace! A good job we are now at the stage of longer!

  5. Sad to hear that your long staying Blackcap has left your garden for pastures new Pam,she'll be back for more of those apples and scones I'm sure!
    Hope you manage to rescue the next batch of Frogspawn before your fish enjoy another feast!

  6. Unusually I haven't spotted any Frog Spawn in the pond since Ruth! Maybe the fish are quicker than me at spotting it!