Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Kit of Woodpigeons....06/03/2012

A sunny day today and having an hour to spare this afternoon I had a short walk around Wassell Grove Pools. A flock of c300 Woodpigeons were feeding busily in a field when suddenly they took flight and headed my way! They were so low I could feel the downdraught from their wingbeats, fortunately nothing landed on or close by me! I know they were only Woodpigeons but it was a nice sight to see so many. Most of the Woodpigeons headed for the nearby trees, they were still perched and lapping up the warm(ish) sunshine when I returned to my car. Robin, Blue & Great Tit, Blackbird, Skylark and a Buzzard were the only other bird species seen on my short walk. Several plants of Coltsfoot now in flower were a delight to see in the sunshine.


  1. I like wood pigeons too; subtly beautiful birds with interesting behaviour. Birds of prey like em too, but for different reasons!

  2. Your Woodpigeon tree is a nice pic Pam,I'm always amazed at how many of them there are these days.......since we stopped shooting and eating them I spose!
    Nice to see the Coltsfoot pic too,I've not noticed here yet!

  3. Maybe if they weren't such 'subtly beautiful birds' the birds of prey might avoid them John.lol! Thanks as always for your kind comment.

    Glad you liked the 'Woodpigeon decorated tree pic' Ruth! There are a lot of Woodpigeons about, to be honest en masse I think they look good...but... I am not a farmer.lol! Thanks for your lovely comments Ruth.