Sunday, 25 March 2012

Little Drummer Boy....24/03/2012

It was just misty as I left home early this morning and headed for Bunkers Hill Wood but as I reached Whittington Hall Lane the mist had turned to patchy fog, so light's on and a careful drive down the lane. The wood looked very atmospheric shrouded in fog though in places it was just misty and spooky looking! Great Spotted Woodpeckers were drumming and birdsong filled the air! I watched a pair of Blue Tits going in and out of a nest hole in a Silver Birch tree but strangely they didn't seem to be taking anything in or out of the nest as far as I could tell, lovely to see their activity though and I shall hopefully be able to keep a check on them during the next few weeks. A Song Thrush was in full voice atop of a Pine tree and a Treecreeper was a delight to see as it busily flew from tree to tree after searching each trunk. Blackbird, Robin, Great Tit and Blue Tit were the other species seen in the section of wood that I walked in. A Yellowhammer was in it's usual area as I walked down the bridlepath but no puddles for it to bathe in now. This spell of warm, dry and suny weather is a real treat at this time of the year but we really do need some rain!! A Buzzard circled overhead as I ambled down the path. The small wood at the end of the bridleway was alive with birds! Blackbird, Robin, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Dunnock, Nuthatch, Mistle Thrush, Wren, Chaffinch, Blackcap (m), Coal Tit and my first Marsh Tit in these woods!! A Great Spotted Woodpecker was very obliging, I heard it drumming close by me but as soon as I spotted it (no pun intended) off it flew but did return a few minutes later, it didn't spot me as I was hugging a tree, well close up to the tree trunk so as to blend in (I must get some camo managed a short video after studying the bird at fairly close range! Green Woodpecker, Skylark and Chiffchaff were heard only today. I checked out the farm area for any returning Swallows but none to be seen yet. The paddocks sometimes have Red-legged Partridge in them but none today. A smart looking House Sparrow and a dapper Pied Wagtail were the last species I came across at the end of what was a really enjoyable walk in what turned out to be warm sunshine.


  1. Nice to read of your misty morn Pam,some super pics of the sun streaming through the wood too!
    I love your little drummer boy video.....he was in perfect tune wasn't he? lol

  2. Thanks Ruth for your kind comments.

    It was great being alone in the wood and enjoying the birdsong and views of some not rare but delightful in their own way birds and of course my little drummer!