Monday, 12 March 2012

A 'Slow' End To A Sunny Sunday Walk....11/03/2012

What a gloriously sunny and fairly warm day Sunday was, "more of that please" I say! Dowles Brook was the destination today in the hope of a better view of a Dipper than the two flypasts seen on my last visit on the 26th February. Sadly no luck at all today with a Dipper or Marsh Tit (also on the 26th Feb) but Grey Wagtails were just as nice to see as they busily wagged their tails and scurried over the water and rocks feeding. Treecreeper x2 on the same tree trunk were a delight to see and Nuthatches were calling and singing seemingly everywhere, they were very active today.Other highlights were Blue Tit, Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Coal Tit (seen on the last leg of the walk by the carpark), Kingfisher (flypast), Buzzard and Raven x2 also seen on the last leg of the walk and they looked a treat with the blue clear sky as a backdrop. Butterflies were also a treat to see especially so being my firsts of the year. A Comma was the first sighted and then what looked to be a Clouded Yellow, it was distant but the size did not appear big enough to be a Brimstone, whichever it was it was still a lovely sight to see. During a walk in the heathland alongside the old railway track 4 Small Copper butterflies were spotted, I am thinking 3 or possibly 4 individual butterflies. After the butterfly sightings another treat was in store, a Slow Worm enjoying the sunshine! This was only my second sighting of a Slow Worm and a first for my Daughter so it was 'smiles all around'! After the walk a short visit was made to the Visitor Centre and to finish the 'Butterfly' day off a Red Admiral obligingly landed on the bumper of a car to soak up the suns rays. I can assure you it isn't my car in the photo, mine is cleaner..and a different! Whilst on the bridge (by Lodge Hill Farm) we spoke to two fellow birders who unbeknowing to me until later in the evening were fellow bloggers Mark and Jason. it was good chatting to you guys and I look forward to meeting you both again sometime soon.


  1. Hi Pam,

    It was nice bumping into you to (all be it unknowing!) I was the birder of the somewhat larger frame.

    It was the first time I had been out for a walk since we said Goodbye to Danny and the fresh air did me the world of good. I strongly believe that spending time observing nature is good for the soul!

    I love the Wyre, it is one of my favourite places locally and the one I visit most regularly after Shenstone.

    Anyway, I will be able to recognise you next time we bump into each other.


  2. Good to hear that the walk did you good Jason, I agree observing nature is good for the soul. What a lovely sunny day it was too.

    Looking forward to meeting you again soon.

  3. So nice to read about your sunny walk Pam,we've had no sun here for days now!
    The Slow worm photo is really nice,especially with it obligingly lying on some colour co-ordinated bracken!

  4. The sun has disappeared since Sunday Ruth, not for long hopefully!

    A good camouflage for the Slow Worm, clever creatures!

    Hope you get some sunshine soon matey!

  5. Nice walk, Pam. Either I'm walking around with my eyes closed or the butterflies are a bit later round here. Masses of ladybirds everywhere on Sunday though. Great Slow worm pic, I've never seen one.

  6. You had the ladybirds and I had the butterflies, tell you what, we could do a swap for next Sunday John. :-)
    Glad you liked the Slow worm pic and thanks for your kind comment.