Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon....26/03/2012.

Along with the warm sunny weather lately we have had clear skies at night enabling stunning views of the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and now there is an added bonus of the waxing crescent Moon. I have been watching Venus and Jupiter throughout this month but this evenings offering was a sheer delight to see. I have added a few images, not brilliant images but good enough for my own records. I could not get Jupiter into any shots with the Moon and Venus but I was particularly pleased with the shots taken of Venus. A couple of interesting links: Illustrated guide to Venus and Jupiter conjunction in March 2012 Spectacle in the sky as Venus and Jupiter put on a show either side of the Atlantic ....


  1. It's been quite a spectacle hasn't it Pam?
    Your pics are amazing especially the larger image of Venus and it's blue swirls,is it time lapsed or have you got a very steady hand!

  2. A nice set of astronomical photos Pam. Thanks for posting the links, very useful.

  3. Hi Ruth, it has been a spectacle especially so when Venus and Jupiter were so close together earlier in the month! I used my tripod and a 2 second time lapse...my hands are not as steady as they used to be.lol! Many thanks for your kind comments.

    Hi Jason, Thanks for your kind comments. I am pleased that you enjoyed the pics and info!