Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Woods Are Alive With The Sound Of....Bird Song!....10/03/2012

An early start to my walk at Bunkers Hill Wood this morning as the area can get quite busy with Walkers, Joggers and Horse riders. As I stepped out of my car the sound of bird song filled the air. A Song Thrush perched in a tree singing it's flute-like song was a joy to watch and listen to, a delightful start to my walk. Great Spotted Woodpeckers were drumming and as I reached the area that they were in I spotted a Jay which looked as though it had nesting material in it's beak, as it perched I could see that it had a small rodent. I hadn't realised that Jays will eat small mammals and nestlings, so I have learnt something new today. As the Jay began to eat it's catch I managed a short video when I finally located it with my camera, not easy with so many branches and twigs between me and the Jay! Blue and Great Tits were in abundance, Coal Tit, Blackbird and Wren were also seen in the stretch of woodland I walked in. I walked the bridleway to see if I could catch up with Yellowhammers in their usual area, I could see a stunning male ahead of me that was heading towards one of the large puddles along the track, it enjoyed a good bathe and then flew to a hedgerow to preen. Birds seen in the small wood were Nuthatch, Song Thrush, Blackbird, Robin and Long-tailed Tit. On the return walk 3 Buzzards were circling high and Skylark and Green Woodpecker were heard only. An interesting and enjoyable walk, it was just a pity the sun had done a disappearing act.
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  1. I was serenaded by a Song thrush as I made my way to work this morning; a good start to any day. And your video to end it!

  2. My video was published at the right time for you then John. I am glad you enjoyed listening to the delightful songster.

  3. I didn't know that about Jays Pam,you learn something every day don't you!
    A super video of it did well to locate it amongst the branches!
    The Yellowhammer film is delightful as is your Grey Squirrel image!

  4. Thanks Ruth.

    If I had not seen the Jay fly in to the tree I probably wouldn't have spotted it as it was so well hidden Ruth. I was surprised it didn't fly off as they normally do as it must have seen me (I wasn't in camouflage
    I must admit to not having really thought about a Jays diet. I must read!