Friday, 20 April 2012

Quackers.... March & April 2012

Early March and a Wren returned to the garden and has been seen several times since, good to see this little bird back again and also a Goldcrest has been present in my garden on a couple of occasions.. The Blackcap was last seen in my garden during the second week of March, a bird I miss seeing feeding on the apples, it was a pleasure having her visit daily! A Bullfinch pair visited briefly during early March and returned earlier this month with another male in tow, a tussle followed with the males and the young pretender fled the! A Chaffinch pair and a Goldfinch also visited my garden during early April, both species along with the Bullfinches are occasional visitors so very nice to see. Blue Tits have been nesting for over a week in a nestbox that is on a Silver Birch tree and this week another Blue Tit pair have started nesting in a box on an apple tree, so fingers crossed plenty of fledglings just now! Dunnocks are still doing what dunnocks do and are chasing around the garden like little missiles! Robins appear to be taking food for the female or maybe even chicks and Long-tailed Tits and Starlings are using the feathers from the unfortunate Pigeon that succumbed to a Sparrowhawk kill a few weeks ago. I am so glad I swept the feathers under a conifer hedge and didn't bin them! On Monday of this week I had early morning surprise visitors....a pair of Mallards! They pottered around the garden and then the female had a swim in the fish pond and the male later clambered on the netting covering the pond (which is there to guard against the visits from a Grey Heron) and duly preened for a few minutes! I bet the fish in the pond wondered what on earth was! I had visits from Mallards in early Spring several years ago, they alternated between mine and a neighbours garden, so this recent pair are not a first in the garden.


  1. Enjoyable update, Pam. I'm always amazed at the crazy places that mallards turn up at this time of year, best so far this spring - on the flat roof of one of the classrooms at work; there was a very shallow puddle which they seemed to think looked like home.

  2. Thanks John!

    Ha ha! They wanted a nest with a view no doubt!

  3. What a great supripse seeing the Mallards in the garden...I would be dead chuffed at that!

  4. Nice to read of your latest garden update Pam!
    Those Mallards look quite comical strutting about on your lawn don't they! lol
    I hope you'll soon be watching the various youngsters from your garden nests!

  5. They were a delightful surprise Jason! They haven't returned since so presumably they have found a nesting area.

    The Mallards do look comical I agree Ruth! Not really the environment they were looking!
    The Blue Tits are still frequenting the boxes and taking flower basket lining for a bit of comfort in the nest!