Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sparrowhawks Sunday Supper....29/04/2012

A young male Sparrowhawk enjoyed a late supper meal on the lawn in my front garden this evening. One less Blackbird in my garden now! I hope the feathers left on the lawn will be put to good use by nestings birds. To have such good views of this stunning bird is a real treat!
Looking a little guilty?
With his appetite sated he rested for a minute or two then suddenly took flight, what a bird!


  1. What a fine series of photos! They don't leave much when they feed, do they?

  2. Thank you John!

    He took off with the remains of the carcass but dropped it before he reached the conifer hedge! So now I have a carcass lurking somewhere in the shrubs below the hedge!!!

  3. A fantastic series of photos Pam! I never tire of seeing ♂ Sparrowhawks...simply stunning birds

  4. Thank you Jason!
    It made a change to see a male with it's prey in my garden, good to see the size difference too.
    I agree they are stunning birds!

  5. Lovely photos and what a privelege to see such a great bird find such a feast (although, poor blackbird)!

  6. Thank you WWT for your kind comment.

    A privelege indeed to see and I suppose it does show that there are good numbers of birds in my area as I do get regular Sparrowhawk visits. I did feel for the Blackbird though.

  7. Oh my! I had exactly the same scene played out in my back garden last Friday. It took getting on for an hour for it to be fully consumed! It is a stunning sight but I couldnt help feeling sorry for Mr Blackbird especially as I fear he may have left a family in the making somewhere among the trees in my garden! Wonderful captures Pam.

  8. An amazing set of pics Pam,a real treat to see as I'm catching up with your blog following my holidays!

  9. Hi Jan,
    Firstly my apologies for the lateness of publishing your comment, I have been chasing the sunshine for the last week or so!

    I do hope the female Blackbird was able to feed the chicks on her own after the demise of the male in your garden. An amazing sight to see a bird of prey feeding but also tinged with sadness for the prey.
    Thanks you so much for your kind comment Jan!

  10. I bet you didn't expect to see images of a BOP feeding in my garden on your return from your hols!!

    I trust your holiday was a good one and thanks for your kind comment.

  11. So beautiful shots!

  12. Thank you very much Crissi!

    I see you are very good at Crochet! Lovely to be able to make such beautiful garments as you have.