Monday, 28 May 2012

'Out and about in the Algarve'' images.

Carvoeiro Lighthouse.

Yellow-legged Gulls.


A highlight at Silves was watching a Storks nest! The male stork flew to the nest with a piece of floor tiling or something similiar and after placing it in the nest looked quite pleased with himself! The female decided after jiggle juggling the material that she didn't quite like it or the piece of cardboard that the male must have found, she ceremoniously dumped them out of the!

Quinta do Lago

Black-headed Weaver
Great Crested Grebe
Kentish Plover
Little Bittern (male)
Little Egret and Spoonbill
Little Grebe
Little Tern
Little Tern preening!
Purple Gallinule
An athletic Purple Gallinule
Purple Heron
Sardinian Warbler


Barn Swallow
Woodchat Shrike

Final post to follow later this week.


  1. lol,nice to know it's not only me who doesn't always approve of hubbys decorative tastes!!
    Super shots Pam,love the Sardinian Warbler amongst the fir cones and the Shrike in particular!

  2. One word - Jealous!

    I would love to see those nesting Storks, I bet they were a real spectacle!...fantastic images Pam

  3. Thanks Ruth!
    The Shrikes are such a striking bird and quite tolerant of human presence, at a distance of course! Good to be able to have good views of them!

    Thanks Jason!

    The Storks nest was atop of an old Palm tree on the opposite side to me on the riverbank, that is why I managed decent shots of them. There isn't a path on that side of the river so the nest was quite safe. It was quite comical watching their antics!