Saturday, 2 June 2012

Algarve Finale.

It was good to see a few creatures other than birds whilst out and about. Not many Dragonflies and Damselflies were seen and those that were spotted were much too flighty for any possible ID. There were plenty of clouds of gnats about so I was well sprayed with Insect Repellant however I did get bitten 4 times which is a record few amount for me!

I almost trod on this Egyptian Grasshopper as I was looking up to the sky at the! A lovely creature.

I believe this to be a species of Rove Beetle.
Again I am not quite sure on the ID though I believe this is a Dung Beetle.
The Crabs at Quinta do Lagos were very skitty but I managed a quick pic!
I have been informed that this is a Robber Fly (sp). It flew into the car and landed on the dashboard, I soon shooed it away after taking the photo!!!
A Snail tree! There were huge numbers of them on the branches and post!!
I think this is a Pug Moth (sp), a very pretty little moth. Not many moths were seen during the holiday, maybe due to the strong winds at times.
This Marbled White was the only Butterfly I managed to photograph due to the strong winds making the butterflies flighty and not settling for too long. Butterflies species seen were Common Blue, Monarch, Meadow brown, Small Copper, White and Yellow species, the latter were not easy to ID as they hardly ever settled.

I love to see the Iberian Hares but they take off as soon as they spot you. A few youngsters were seen and they were surprisingly placid compared to the adults, I suppose they are still on a learning curve.
This Viperine Water Snake was a first for me in the Algarve, it was a thrill to watch as it swam in the Lagoon at Lagoa dos Salgados!
The Snake above was spotted whilst watching these European Pond Turtles! They surface as people walk over the lagoon bridge in the hope of a tasty treat being thrown in for them!

The Spring wildflowers were delightful to see with many vineyards, fields and scrublands awash with colour! The Red Poppies in particular stood out amongst the yellow, white and blue flowers in many a field and vineyard. I would have liked to have photographed them but in some cases I would have been trespassing and in most cases there was nowhere along the roads to park up. They really were a joy to see. It makes a refreshing change to see such colour rather than the dust covered vegetation as the weeks progress to high summer and Autumn. A few images ( well a lot actually) to follow of flowers that were accessible.
Anchusa Bazurea

Common Birds-foot Trefoil
Corn Chamomile
Corn Chamomile
Crown Daisy
Crown Daisy
Dwarf Mallow
Hottentot Fig
Red Hottentot Fig
Illyrian Thistle
Mallow-leaved Bindweed
Sea Holly
Sea Squill
Small Tree Mallow
Wild Carrot
Wild Gladiolus
The Algarve at it's!

That's all folks! My thanks are extended to anyone who has viewed and to those who have kindly commented on my Algarve postings.

Lagoa dos Salgados boardwalk and dunes.
Sunset at Lagoa dos Salgados.


  1. Your Algarve reports have made for fascinating reading Pam,a nice insight into what looks like an amazing area for flora and fauna!
    The Iberian Hare and Marbled White are 2 species I'd love to see.....tho not enough to get me onto an I'll look forward to your next trip instead!

  2. Thank you very much Ruth, I am pleased you have enjoyed the reports!

    It is an amazing area for flora and fauna, I may even see something else new on my next trip later in the!

  3. Thanks John, I am pleased that you enjoyed the posts!

  4. great selection of flora and fauna...I need a holiday !

  5. Thanks Mark!

    I need another holiday after ploughing through my images and!