Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Lime Hawk-moth eggs have hatched!....28/06/2012

The Lime Hawk-moth eggs hatched yesterday (27th) much to my surprise. The eggs were laid on the 15th of June, I had read that it can take from 3-4 days to 2 weeks for them to hatch! They are now happily munching on a Silver Birch leaf. I have to change the leaf every other day and add additional leaves as they grow, which I hope they do! The leaf has to be dry, no rain drops or dew on the leaf and not cold, the plastic container has to be sealed (no air holes), the caterpillars being so tiny can survive on the air that is trapped in the container when the lid is closed. I will update periodically, if they survive.

                      27th June.

                       28th June.


  1. Fascinating. Hungry little blighters, ain't they?

  2. Ha ha! They certainly are John!

  3. How very exciting Pam! It sounds like quite an exacting task. I do hope things progress well.

  4. Great stuff will have to keep us posted on how they develop!

  5. It is exciting Jan! I had begun to think the eggs were infertile after what seemed an endless wait!
    I have just checked on them again and as to be expected about two thirds have not survived but the remaining caterpillars are on the leaf eating well, so fingers crossed!

    I will certainly update Jason! I will add a pic at the weekend if all goes well.

    Thanks both for your comments!

  6. Wow,you're doing a great job as a surrogate Moth Pam!
    Amazing info re the dry leaves and airless keep us updated I'm itching to find out what'll happen next?
    Will there be enough room for them all to chyrisalise? and what happens if some turn into Moths before tothers?
    I'll be watching with fascination!

  7. Thanks Ruth, I am doing my!
    All of your questions will be answered on the post I am about to put on my blog.