Thursday, 19 July 2012

Lime Hawkmoth Caterpillar Update....19/07/2012

The caterpillars are now 35 days old and doing well! They are eating 2 leaves a day, I think this will be at least 3-4 leaves very soon.


  1. Blimey Pam, they are really getting big now. They will be pupating before you know it!

  2. They seem to have a growth surge every other day now Jason! It will soon be time to get them out of the egg fried rice boxes and in to bigger accommodation!

  3. Hungry little things aren't they!
    Hope you've enough leaves! lol
    Thanks for the update Pam,it's fascinating stuff!

  4. I am pleased you are enjoying the updates Ruth! I have plenty of Silver Birch leaves, the trouble will be when the lower leaves run out and I have to stretch further up the tree...I had better get a footstool in!

  5. It looks like they're eating you out of leaf and tree Pam ;-) My goodness, they are coming on well! I'm getting quite excited!

    Forgive me if it's not new but I love the header photo.

  6. The Silver Birch is a good sized tree Jan...fortunately!

    It is a new header photo Jan and thank you for your kind comment. I took the photo of the House Sparrow last Sunday. I was sat eating an ice cream at the time alongside the River Severn at Arley. The House Sparrows were frequenting the fence at the cafe seating area, they were catching plenty of flies so no need for them to search for spilt crumbs, I think the House Sparrow in the photo has a Mayfly!