Tuesday, 28 August 2012

2 Great, 2 Little and plenty of Grey in the mix....26/08/2012

A long overdue visit was made to Camp Lane Pits, Grimley, Worcestershire to see the Great White Egret that had been reported there since the beginning of the month! The first sighting of the G W Egret was when it flew gracefully from a tree, such grace from such a big bird! It later fed alongside two Little Egrets and several Grey Herons which gave a good perspective of how much bigger the G W Egret is. It was spooked at one point by a small group of walkers (unintentionally I might add) and took flight along with one of the Little Egrets and 7 of the Grey Herons, I have never seen so many Herons in flight together, a pity they took flight as they were even more distant when they eventually landed! Two Hobbies put on a great aerial display as they hawked the pools and flooded meadows for Dragonflies, namely Common Darter, Hawker (sp) and Common Blue Damselflies, the latter being in abundance! A Common Tern was enjoyable to watch as it fished over the pools and a Little Grebe (being the 2nd Little in my title) with chick was a delight to see! Great Crested Grebe (being the 2nd Great in my title), Tufted Duck with 3 chicks, Coot, Moorhen, Mallard, Canada Geese and Cormorant were also spotted in and around the pools, a Chiffchaff was heard only and a flyover Green Woodpecker was a treat to see. Sand Martins and Swallows swooped low over the pools and meadows. I was surprised to see so many Mute Swans, a count of 21 was made and those were the visible ones, no doubt a few more where there and hidden by the vegetation. Mewing was heard and a look up to the sky revealed four Common Buzzards, a family perhaps. They looked to be enjoying the thermals! A good number of Toads were seen by the edge of one of the pools, they all plopped in to the water as we walked by them! I spotted a single plant of Vipers Bugloss in one of the meadows, strange that there was just the one. I have this plant in my garden as it attracts a lot of insects. Once established it is happy to be left on its own to self-propagate so maybe a few more of these plants will appear over time.
A great few hours spent in sunshine and in a picturesque and peaceful countryside.

Camp Lane Pits in Sunshine!
Great White Egret
The Mute Swans were seemingly everywhere you looked! I thought for a second that I was at Slimbridge!
Just the one Great crested Grebe seen today though I have read that 4 had beeen sighted,
maybe they were snoozing somewhere!
Tufted Duck with one of three chicks.
A record shot of a Common Tern. A smart looking bird and a joy to watch fishing
Toads...there were lots of them!
Banded Demoiselle (female)
Common Blue Damselfly.
Bindweed. This is the first that I have seen this late summer of the 'Pink/White' striped variety. A more delicate looking flower I feel than the much larger white variety.


  1. Terns and Hobbies - I could watch either of them all day! Sounds like a perfect day out; plenty of variety, a rarity and some charismatic species too.

  2. Glad you popped down to Grimley to see the egret...its just too good an oppurtunity to pass up on. Your right Pam...with the GWE being in the presence of both Little Egrets and Grey Herons, you get a real appreciation of its size!

  3. It was a perfect day out John and good to get out in the sunshine!

  4. It was good to see the size comparison Jason, a stunning bird! The Hobbies and Tern were an added bonus to a productive visit to Grimley. I hope to visit more often over the Autumn and Winter.

  5. What super pics in your latest blog Pam,that blue sky looks wonderful! Glad you got to see the GWE,such a graceful aren't they!

    Your Demoisselle pics are amazing,I've still yet to see one....we must be the wrong side of that line eh! lol

  6. Thanks Ruth!

    The G W Egrets are graceful! My best sightings were at Ham Wall in February last year, 6 in total and though a bitterly cold day they were fairly active. Good to see one closer to home though!

    A pity with the Demoiselles for you, you will have to journey South sometime to catch up with them.lol!

  7. A very enjoyable read (I felt I was there with you!) and lovely photos Pam. It looked like a really nice place to visit with lots to see, I'm so glad the weather was kind to you :-) Well done on the Great White Egret, I have never seen one but would love to, The heron family are among my favourite birds. I remember how surprised I was by just how small the Little Egret is, when I first saw one, after only seeing them in pictures.

    Your Banded Demoiselle photos look particularly beautiful when enlarged, gorgeous!

  8. I am pleased you enjoyed the walk Jan and thank you for your kind comments.

    Yes, the Little Egret is a small Egret, you can certainly see you have the Great White when they are side by side! Now a Cattle Egret or two would be nice to have further size comparisms. ;-) Hope you manage to see a GWE someday!

    The Demoiselle was very obliging and perched just a few feet away whilst I was eating my cheese salad cob at lunchtime.lol!