Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fields of Gold.....Common Redstart!

A return visit this morning in the hope of seeing the Common Redstart and I was in luck today! I had to wait for my return walk along the track before I spotted rthe bird, it was very flighty so I kept a good distance away from it but had good views through my bins! What a delightful and smart bird he was too! I lingered for a good 30 minutes or more in the hope of a decent photograph but it seemed as soon as I positioned my camera it fled in to the thickest part of the trees and re-appeared five minutes later. However to have such good views of the Redstart was more than enough for me. I added Chiffchaff, Robin and Raven to the list for this area and a Green Woodpecker was heard only. There were plenty of Skippers (species), Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers on the Ragwort and a single Comma bathed on the track in the warm sunshine this morning!

A record shot of a bird I was delighted to see!


  1. Well done on the Redstart Pam...stunning birds! Sounds an ejoyable walk that you did

  2. Thanks Jason!

    It was an enjoyable walk which was made all the better when I found the super Redstart!

  3. What a treat!! I would have been thrilled with that sighting Pam. And you managed a shot too! I have never seen one but unfortunately wouldn't expect to in my area.

    Lovely photo of the Gatekeeper, quite a smart looking butterfly I always think.

  4. You were well rewarded for your patience by the Redstart Pam and what a stunner he was too,gorgeous birds to see!
    Your butterfly pics are smashing,there certainly was a lot to choose from wasn't there? Good to see after the summer we've had!

  5. Thanks Jan! This was the best sighting of a Redstart I have ever had, so it was a real treat to have such good views of it. I agree Gatekeeepers are a smart looking butterfly, they were the most numerous butterfly species seen on the walk.

  6. Thanks Ruth!

    Third time lucky with the Redstart, it is a good job I am not a! Gorgeous birds indeed!
    It was lovely seeing so many butterflies on such a warm sunny morning! Red Admiral though is one I have yet to see this summer.....if we can call it summer!;-)