Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Moth Fest In My Garden.

Well 3 Moth species in my garden is a Moth Fest to me!

7th September.
A delightful new addition to my garden moth list was an Angle Shades Moth. It had been resting on a plant pot in daylight until early evening when it took flight.

8th September.
A walk around the Fisheries early on Saturday morning did not yield much in the way of bird species, however a female Blackcap, Nuthatch and 6 Mistle Thrush were pleasing to see. A couple of Speckled Wood butterflies along with hoards of Crane flies were the only other notable sightings on what was a bright sunny morning.

During the day in my garden a Small Tortoiseshell paid regular visits to the Buddleia flowers and in the evening another new addition to my moth list was a Yellow-barred Brindle moth that had sought refuge in my house.
9th September A lovely warm sunny day today so a ride to the River Severn at Arley in the afternoon was made, joining the throngs of people who had the same idea! Plenty of canoeists were on the water along with Swans and Mallards. Highlight birds seen were House Sparrows, Swallows, House Martins, Green Woodpecker, Kestrel and Buzzard.

House Sparrows entertain whilst enjoying a slice of Lemon Cake and a cuppa!

These shots were taken through the fence at the cafe seating eating area where there is plenty of vegetation for the Birds and Bees to make good use of.
He looks angry in this image.lol!

Silver Y moths were the evenings entertainment. I watched 3 individuals at times as they flew amongst the planted flower pots. The Lantana flowers seemed to be the favoured flower.


  1. I've seen a lot of moths lately too, but I'm not clever enough to hazard more than a very tentative guess at the species. Super photos.

  2. Thanks John! I trawl my Moth ID Guide books and sometimes I am correct and sometimes (more often than not) I am way off the mark.;-)

  3. I had my first Garden Silver y at the weekend too Pam, must have been an influx. As for the other 2 moths, I would be delighted with either, especisally the Angle Shades, never seen either. The small window for decent trapping seems to have closed again too, evenings getting chilly :(

  4. I have read on Birdforum that there has been a huge influx of Silver Y into the country recently. The Angle Shades and Yellow-barred brindle were a real treat to see Mark! I haven't even thought of assembling my home made moth trap this summer with the damp and cool condition we endured!
    The weekend is set to warm up, hope you get a few goodies if you do some trapping.

  5. Just catching up with your blog after our recent hols Pam,a super moth is the Angle Shades!
    I too had my first Silver Y feeding in daylight on my new dwarf Buddleja recently.....nicec pics of it too.......I'm not so keen on your DLL's tho!!!!! lol.

  6. Ha ha! Crane Flies aren't your favourite insect are they Ruth!
    Thanks for your kind comment and I trust you enjoyed a great holiday!