Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A sunny start to September.

I took a short walk by Brake mill Pool on Saturday (1st) morning to get some much needed fresh air and sunshine after enduring the previous week the worst head cold I have had for an age! The 3 Cygnets had certainly grown since my last visit! I had taken some wholemeal bread to feed them and the ducks but when one of the Cygnets began to climb out from the water and head towards me in a not too pleasant manner I decided it was best to quickly throw it some bread and dispose very quickly of the remainder amongst the gathering ducks and beat a hasty retreat! Swallows and Martins were a delight to see, they will soon be on their way and will be missed until they return in the Spring. A Grey Heron was perched on a branch overhanging the pool whilst another Grey Heron flew over towards the fields. I was really pleased to hear and then see a Kingfisher, it flew over the pool and perched on a branch of a Willow tree. I watched and waited for several minutes in the hope of it fishing but it eventually flew to another favoured perch at the far end of the pool.

I returned for a longer walk/stroll this morning (4th). Robins were seemingly everywhere and most were singing. I spotted 3 in the same tree at one point though it was not long before the feistiest Robin saw the other two off! Blue Tits were the other species seen in abundance. Goldfinch, Blackbird, Wren, Swallow, Green Woodpecker, Jay with a juicy green caterpillar and Raven and Buzzard (heard only) were the remaining species seen/heard on my walk today.

1st September

Spot the kingfisher!

4th September
Sunday (2nd) afternoon a Great Spotted Woodpecker and Raven flew over my garden, not together by the way! The Raven circled a couple of times and then headed off, lovely to see and hear and a pleasant change from the caw-cawing of the 2 Carrion Crows that are daily in my garden for their brekkie!

Late Sunday afternoon a visit to Upton Warren was made to see the Osprey that fortunately was still there, it had been on the Reserve since Thursday (30th August). Great scope and binocular views were enjoyed as it perched on one of the poles at the Flashes, it later took flight, it was seen shortly after as it perched on a dead tree at the Sailing Pool. It later took flight towards the Moors Pools and returned carrying a fish as it headed once more to the Flashes! A fantastic bird for the Reserve and all the Birders who have caught up with it and sheer joy for the photographers as the bird is often seen at close quarters fishing, some superb images have been obtained! My record images are good enough for me as the views I had where the closest I have ever had of an Osprey, an awesome bird and pure magic to watch!


  1. Great post Pam!
    Great you caught up with the Osprey, and great perched Pic.

  2. Nice to read of your latest outings Pam,glad that you've shaken off the nasty head cold and feel like birding again!

    I spotted the Kingfisher in your pic,always a lovely sight......and the Osprey is a super shot,how exciting to have been so close to one!

  3. Thanks Craig! I believe you also caught up with the Osprey and enjoyed the great views it was giving and hopefully still is today!

  4. Thanks Ruth! It was good to get out and about again! The Osprey was such a thrill to see and on such a lovely warm sunny day!

  5. Hi Pam, sorry to hear you had that nasty cold but glad you are feeling better now. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and photos again. How very ungrateful of that naughty Cygnet to treat you like that especially when you were offering nice wholemeal bread rather than that flavourless white stuff ;-) the thought of you 'abandoning ship' and beating a hasty retreat did make me laugh though. I know I would have done the same :-)

    I am very envious of your Kingfisher, I haven't seen one for ages and have never managed a photo :-( As for the Osprey, wonderful! I have never seen one at all.

    Lovely photo of the Grey Heron and is the header new? It's a beauty!

  6. Hi Jan, it was early morning when I went to feed the Swans and Ducks so I reckon I must have been the first to offer brekkie and the stroppy Cygnet was hungry.lol! The pool is situated in a lovely area with just a few select houses close by, one of the property owners feeds the ducks and swans 'proper seed' so they do have quite a good diet, I have often seen the swans and ducks in the owners garden waiting for their feed. They are pampered and great to see this happening. I have not seen too many people feed at the pool especially through the summer months, of course cold and frosty Winters are a different matter.
    The Kingfisher was a joy to see Jan, I hope I will see it more often through Autumn/Winter.
    Now the Osprey...well that was a real feast for the yes, hope you get to see one someday Jan! An awesome bird!
    The header is new, it was one of several Robins seen whilst on my walk. It won't be there for long though Jan as I have another Robin (my favourite garden bird by the way) image to take it's place!

    Thank you very much Jan for your kind comments. Enjoy the sunshine we have at long last!

  7. Another fine read Pam. I'm sure i could just make out the Kingfisher in your shot!

    Just to keep you updated. I have had a change of heart and my blog is now up and running again.

    It’s had a slight re-vamp and a name change. It is now called “Shenstone Naturalist” to reflect the diversity of the posts since my interests have become wider than just birding (although birding is still my first love!)

    The web address is still the same to avoid any confusion: http://shenstonebirder.blogspot.co.uk/


  8. Thanks for your kind comment Jason and I am pleased you could make out the Kingfisher....just.lol!

    Good that you are blogging again! The new name is a good one....a change is as good as a rest a Jason! I shall look forward to reading your posts once more.