Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sandy Lane / Romany Way, Stourbridge....13/11/2012

A dull, dry and windy morning but it was good to be out walking this morning. I had hoped for sightings of a few Fieldfare or Redwings and/or a few Waxwings but to no avail. The trees and hedgerows are chocca with berries so if the numerous Blackbirds and Tits  leave a few berries then I may be in luck sometime soon! I shall try and make fairly regular checks on this area. Goldcrest, Long-tailed Tit, Robin, Dunnock, Wren, Chaffinch,  Jay and plenty of Corvids were sighted on the walk. A Green Woodpecker was heard only and quite surprisingly not one Starling was seen.
I happened upon a leucistic Blackbird which was preening as it perched in a hedgerow. I have never seen one with so much leucism before. House Sparrows were in the muddy pools along the pathway bathing and drinking.


  1. Keep with it Pam, I'm sure it won't be long before those winter species start popping up for you.

    You never know what may turn up in that part of Stourbridge. I found a fem. Merlin about 6-7 winters back along Sugar Loaf Lane and Norton has picked up Waxwings a number of times in the past

  2. Lovely to see a new post Pam, I had been hoping all was well with you and that you were only taking a rest from blogging. I have struggled (and still am) with blogging for several reasons myself this year.

    It sounded like a very pleasant walk despite the lack of sunshine and you saw a good selection of birds. Lovely autumnal colours in the first photo and the photos of the leucistic Blackbird look particularly beautiful when enlarged. Well done with capturing the Goldcrest, they flit about so much!

  3. Now a Merlin would be a real treat for me Jason not having seen one yet!
    I shall persevere with Norton/Stourbridge!

  4. Hi Jan,
    Many thanks you for your kind comments.

    I was away on holiday in October and since my return have been busy with one thing or another so my blog went on the backburner. I hope you manage to resume your blogging sometime in the near future, your last post was a joy to read and view!

    The Blackbird was a really smart looking bird Jan, it made a change from all black! The foliage on trees and shrubs are looking a picture now, especially those turning gold and bronze, we just need the sunshine to show them at their best!

  5. Nice to read of your latest walk Pam,hopefully the winter Thrushes and maybe Waxwings will soon appear for you....we have a few at our local Tesco.....every little help eh! lol
    That's a nicec pic of a goldcrest,I've not managed to capture one yet.....they're always too quick for me!
    Nice to see your House Sparrows too!

  6. Lol Ruth! Lucky you with the local Waxwings! There is still plenty of time for a few to arrive down here!

    The Goldcrest image was the only decent image of many I took of it as it flitted around in the trees and hedgerow! My patience paid off.lol! A super little bird!

    Thanks for your kind comments Ruth!