Saturday, 1 December 2012

Brrrrrrr....a cold start to December!....1/12/2012

A sharp frost this morning so a trip to feed the ducks at Brake Mill Pool was my destination. The surrounding fields and hedgerows looked a treat in the early morning light before the sun appeared and melted the frost. The Ducks, Gulls and Swans did not take long to reach the edge of the pool and soon devoured the bread (wholemeal I might add) I had taken for them. The Gulls were mainly Black-headed Gulls which made the two Lesser-black Backed Gulls stand out! Three Little Grebes were a nice sight to see here, it had been a while since a sighting of them here. Coots, Moorhen and a Grey Heron where also in and around the pool.

Long-tailed Tit, Blue & Great Tit, Robin, Blackbird and Dunnock were seen as I walked to a wooded area which was fortunately devoid of frost. It was like walking into another world after seeing the fields white over with frost.

A Raven was a good sighting as I made my way back to the pool and I could hear a flock of Canada Geese arriving and goodness me had they arrived in good numbers! I was surprised to see so many on and around the pool, there was easily 150+, the most I have ever seen here. My walk started with the sight and feel of the cold frost and ended still feeling very cold but with a shower of rain! Fickle weather!
What a poser!!


  1. Some nice frosty scenes there Pam. It looked like a pleasant walk but very chilly. Lovely photos of the Robin, such pretty little posers, the first photo of it in particular is really beautiful.

    It looked like you had a very nice visit to Brandon on the previous post too. I was hoping to get there this year but as I have never been before we wanted to pick a nice day and there weren't many of those, perhaps next year! I read there were Waxwings within walking distance of me yesterday....just my luck to miss them. Lovely photos throughout both posts Pam.

  2. Super frost photo's Pam,nice to read of your Winter Wonderland Walk!
    That Robin is a stunner,they do like to pose don't they! lol
    It's quite thrilling to see (& hear!) geese arrive in large numbers isn't it!

  3. Thank you Jan and Ruth for your kind comments.

    My apologies for the late reply. I have no Internet Connection at home at present but it is being sorted!
    I will be back on my Blog when live!

  4. Just realised why your posts never appear on my blogger bashboard. It seems like ive never subscribed, haha. But i have now.
    Great recent posts, particularly enjoyed reading about your holiday in the Algarve, It sounds like it was very productive for you!

  5. Tut tut...shame on you for not subscribing to my blog posts Craig!;-)

    Thanks for your comments! I am pleased to hear you enjoyed my Algarve posts in particular!