Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fieldfares in my garden....22nd-26th January 2013

Fieldfare Turdus pilaris

Two Fieldfares arrived early in the day after the heavy snowfall on the morning of the 22nd January, late that afternoon a flock of 25+ descended in my garden and possibly the same number again were spotted in trees neighbouring my garden. The Fieldfares were very vocal!
I love to see the Fieldfares in my garden but in all honesty I am pleased when they have departed as they are so territorial. The Blackbirds do not get a look in when the Fieldfares are on guard and woe betide any Fieldfare that attempts to have a munch on the guarded apples!
The snow has all melted and the Fieldfares have now departed, peace reigns in my garden once more.


  1. Well done Pam! I particularly love the first photo. I had some in my garden too but nowhere near the numbers you did. They really are incredibly aggressive, I have noticed it every year when we get snow. I had one which saw off all comers and wasted so much energy when there were actually enough apples for all!, the Blackbirds didn't stand a chance!

    By the way, thank you for 'keeping everything crossed', I have at last seen my first Waxwing :-) not in the garden, and only one...but I saw it!

  2. Thanks Jan! I have a few apples leftover that the Blackbirds will I am sure enjoy eating this week at their leisure! As you say Fieldfares waste so much energy, I fear they will never! Waxwing is all you need!I am really chuffed for you Jan! Such stunning birds!

  3. Great Fieldfare pics Pam,they've not been in mine this year but I have seen them knocking about on the estate.

    I'm so glad that all the snow has gone and we can get back to "normal"!

    Bet your Blackies are glad too eh! lol

  4. Thanks Ruth!
    Since the thaw I haven't seen or heard a Fieldfare in or around my garden, I doubt very much if the Blackbirds are missing! A pity the Fieldfares are sooooo aggressive!