Friday, 22 February 2013

Bourton-on-the -Water Model Village. 03/02/2013

After a good day and a half spent at the Slimbridge Reserve it was time to head for home on the Sunday which sadly arrived as a dull, cold and rainy day! A contrast to the previous two sunny albeit very cold days spent in Gloucestershire.
On the way home we called at  Bourton-on -the Water  to visit the Model Village. This was to be my second visit to the Model Village, the first being many moons ago when I was in Junior school and on a day trip that also included a visit to WWT Slimbridge. I remember feeling like a giant in this tiny village and likened it to  how Gulliver must have felt after he was shipwrecked and washed ashore on the island of Lilliput, the islanders were only 6" tall! The Model Village did to be honest now look a little jaded and in need of some restoration but as it is over 75 years old I doubt much can be done to improve it. Maybe a sunny day would have brought out the best in the Model Village

Bourton-on -the -Water 2013.


  1. Been a while since we have visited Bourton. You weren't tempted to go to the Bird Park then?

  2. No, not tempted Tom. Two reasons why: the weather was uninspiring and I had endured Tonsillitis over the weekend so not feeling 100%. A visit possibly in the future to Birdland.

    I have just started to read your posts of your Scotland trip, a good trip by the sounds of it..

  3. Please ignore this if I have already commented Pam. I got interrupted when I was writing it yesterday and wasn't sure if I actually hit the publish button.

    I too went there on a school trip many years ago and have been very many times since although not to the model village for some years. Bourton is a favourite place to visit in the Summer being less than an hour from home. It is a lovely place and talking about voles (as you were in the previous post) it was there I last saw a Water Vole :-)

  4. Now a Water Vole I didn't see at Bourton! Bourton is a popular place judging by the amount of visitors seen on the morning that we were there, so the summer months must be really busy!

  5. I've never been to Bourton-on-the-Water Pam,so was especially interested to see your lovely photo's.
    The model village is quaint isn't it a miniature copy of the real thing??

  6. It is a quaint village Ruth and yes it is a miniature of the real thing, as it says in one of the links I have added.;-)