Wednesday, 20 February 2013

February catch up.

Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

WWT Slimbridge was visited from the 1st-3rd February and an enjoyable visit it was too! Highlight birds seen included Tundra Bean Goose (Lifer), Greylag, Barnacle, Canada, White-fronted and a lone Egyptian Goose.. ..a Goose fest! The Bewick's Swans were a delight to see and it was good to later in the day watch the Wild Bird Feed and listen to the wardens commentary from the comfort of the heated observatory. A  Dog decoy Demonstration made for an interesting hour, the warden was most informative. The Decoy was originally erected at Slimbridge to provide ducks for the table at nearby Berkeley Castle.....of course nowadays it is used for ringing purposes. Sadly there was not a Starling Roost at Slimbridge, I was told that it had been  3-4 years since the last Starling murmuration. I witnessed one in December 2009 which must have been the last one to happen here with good numbers of Starlings, such a sad decline of a noisy yet delightful bird!

  Tundra Bean Goose

Bewick's Swans arriving for their tea!


One of two Bank Voles energetically searching for food.

The dog is pretending to be a fox  as it runs in front of and behind the willow screens to lure the birds towards the Decoy net. Apparently the ducks will swim towards the fox as when the fox is visible to them they know where the danger is, clever ducks!
NB The dog is of course just doing what it has been trained to do and is not pretending as such to be a fox. ;-)
The long road to the Reserve at sunrise.
Gloucester - Sharpness Canal.


  1. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day Pam. Glad to here you caught up with the Bean Goose, they aren't everyday birds.

  2. Thanks Jason for your comments. There were 3 Bean Geese present but the one in my photo was on it's lonesome and viewed from the Holden Tower Hide looking left towards the Estuary, where the Wigeon are normally to be found feeding, well they usually are on my occasional visits. The other two were on the Dumbles and would have been harder to pick out..well for me! I was well pleased to have had such good views of the Bean Goose!

  3. A very interesting read and lovely photos Pam. It looks and sounds like you had a very enjoyable visit. Well done with the Bean Goose, a great photo too. It's always exciting to get a lifer!

    I haven't been to Slimbridge for a long time, we have an elderly, frail dog who makes life very restrictive. I would love to go just for the Bewick's.

    Well done too with spotting the Bank Voles, something else I haven't seen for some time.

  4. Thanks you for your kind comments Jan. I was pleased with the Bean Goose and to be honest as pleased if not more so to see the Bank Voles! Their hide and seek antics were a delight to see!
    I hope I managed to bring a few of your memories of Slimbridge back to you. Your dog takes priority at present, I understand that having been through a similiar situation several years ago.

  5. Nice to read about and see your Slimbridge photo's Pam.
    Nice one with TB Goose....they're not easy to ID are they!
    I love your Bank vole pic and the incoming Swans are a delightful shot!
    Lets hope the weather warms up soon....I'm sooo looking forward to hearing the Spring migrants again!

  6. Thank you for your kind comments Ruth!

    Every few minutes a wedge of Swans would appear as they arrived for the bird feed, it was difficult to keep up with them as they were in such a hurry to! I was lucky with the two shots posted!

    The cold weather is here until at least next seems a long Winter!