Sunday, 17 March 2013

Forest of Dean revisited....8th-10th March 2013

A return visit to the Forest of Dean in the hope of seeing displaying luck with the Goshawks but still a good weekend! No rain but it was damp and cold on the Friday and on the Saturday foggy/misty and colder for the whole day!

It was good to walk around Cannop Ponds again even on a dull and cold day! Highlight birds were Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Goldcrest, Coal, Marsh and Long-tailed Tit, Song Thrush in full voice, Jay, Pied and Grey Wagtail, Little Grebe, x3, Mandarin x19, Tufted Duck and 32 frogs spawning!

Saturday was the day planned for New Fancy View and Goshawks. The mist/fog and cold temperatures were not enthralling to say the least so a proposed long and patient wait at the viewpoint was somewhat curtailed due to the dull and cold conditions! Oh well, maybe 3rd time lucky on a return visit sometime in the future. Green Woodpecker and Song Thrush x2 were the highlight at the viewpoint!

A Peregrine pair at Symonds Yat Rock were a delight to see as they perched in the trees and on the cliff ledges and several times took flight! A Common Buzzard and a tree full of Cormorants were the only other birds seen during the short stay at what was another cold viewpoint!
Spot the Peregrines!
For a change of scenery a visit to Puzzlewood  was made late afternoon on Saturday as the birds were keeping their heads down and who could blame them! A visit here in late Spring/ Summertime in sunshine would I am sure show the Ancient Woodland at it's best, a misty dull day as today  I felt did not do it justice!

It was a great weekend away despite the miserable weather!


  1. Sounds like a good break Pam...shame about the Goshawks though.

    Bev and I had a weekend there a few years back. Cannop is really nice...not been to puzzle woood though...that looks interesting!

  2. Nice to read about your latest weekend away Pam,your pics would have been delightful in good light wouldn't they! Those views just look awesome!
    Yep spotted both of the Peregrines and the Mandarins brighten even the dullest of days don't they!
    Fingers crossed for some warm and sunny weather soon....tho as I'm typing this it's snowing again here!!!

  3. The Winter really hasn't been kind to us this time Pam. It certainly didn't sound the best of weather to visit but you clearly made the most of the break and got some very nice photos despite the conditions. I've never seen a Mandarin and remember the first time I saw a photo of one I honestly thought it was a piece of art work made by sewing pieces of different coloured felt together ;-) The males really are very impressive looking! It always looks odd to me to see a duck in a tree :-)

  4. Great post Pam, always nice to see reports of places we don't know about.


  5. Jason: Puzzlewood was interesting and very much geared up for families with young children with mazes and animals, I would not like to walk a young child along the narrow and twisty paths in the woodland though!
    Goshawks another time maybe!

    Ruth: Glad you spotted the Peregrines Ruth! Winter does not want to go away does it.....snow, snow and more snow over this weekend and very cold!

    Jan: I just love your thoughts on the Mandarins! I must agree they do look a bit 'artificial'and do not seem to fit in with our climate!

    Tom: You would enjoy a visit to the Forest of Dean! Plenty of
    places for walks and exploring.

    Thank you all for your very kind comments.