Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Load of Rubbish!

That is what I had in my car this morning..........a load of rubbish to take to the local tip or Household Waste Recycling Centre as it is known as these days.;-)  I feel sure that there must be some good birds around the area of the tip as there are plenty of trees, shrubs and hedgerow, maybe I will fork out 50p and lurk in one of the adjacent car parks one of the days to see if there is 'anything about'! Blackbird and Dunnock were the only birds seen on my trip this morning!

What a mind boggling place the 'recycling centre' is these days, one doesn't know whether one is coming or going with all the signs for various items of waste, cars and people here there and everywhere!
No pics today as I reckon they would have been rubbish...literally!


  1. Hi Pam, It sounds rather like how the one near us has developed over the years. Ours has the rubbish police too, checking no one...horror of horrors!...puts anything in the wrong area!

    I often think I should take the bins and camera to see if there is anything of interest nearby. I must try and remember to.

  2. Hi Jan, we also have the rubbish police, rather intimidating aren't they!

    I would imagine it would be best lurking of an evening when the site is closed in search of wildlife, on second thoughts maybe!

  3. I presume that's Stourbridge Tip Pam? If so, I have seen Kingfisher on the Stour quite near the carparks there in years gone by

  4. Indeed it is Stourbridge Tip (Household Waste Recycling Centre ;-))Jason!
    My instincts are justified then...a Kingfisher in that area would do me nicely!

    I bet you were pleased with the sightings!

  5. Our re-cycling centre is adjacent to 2 of our nature reserves.....indeed a part of 1 of them so we often get some super birds around while fact the Black-winged Stilts nested within metres of the area a few years ago!
    No rubbish police here I'm glad to say......just a collection of friendly garden Gnomes & animals outside the office area!!! lol

  6. Interesting regarding your re-cycling centre Ruth! I remember reading about when the B-w Stilts nested!

    The Gnomes and animals would have to be cemented down if they had them at the Centre I visit!:-)