Saturday, 25 May 2013

Update on Lime Hawk-moth !

It was the 15th August 2012 when the last two caterpillars decided it was time to dig in to the soil to change into a chrysalis:

The original Lime Hawk-moth was found on the 15th June 2012 so almost 12 months have passed!

Well today the first one has emerged, hopefully there will be more but I am well pleased to see that one has survived and emerged after what has seemed to have been a very long time under the soil and after such a cold and long Winter.

I have had to lighten many of the images as it was a little difficult to get a good image due to the position of the moth in the box. 





  1. Congratulations and well done Pam!
    Super pics too,just wonderful to see and great news that at least 1 has survived the winter.....aint nature grand eh!

    Fingers crossed it'll soon be joined by some of it's brothers and sisters! lol

    Are you planning a releasing evening?

  2. Many thanks for your kind comments Ruth!

    Nature is grand! I am going to release the moth this evening.

    There is no sign of anymore as yet!

  3. Oh very well done Pam! I remember following this story last year, I'm so glad you have had a good result and of course it would be wonderful if more follow. Lovely captures of it too, it must have been fascinating to watch.

  4. Wonderful Pam! I was going to ask you if they had emerged yet but your post has answered my question

  5. Thank you Jan and Jason for your comments!

    Still only one emerged but plenty of time, I would not be in a hurry with this wet weather today!

    I released the moth on Sunday evening. It was a warm and still evening and it did not take the moth long to fly away and hopefully to soon find a mate!

  6. I'm very jealous Pam. You have done a great job with these, never seen one, well done !

  7. Thanks Mark! The hardest part was keeping the caterpillars fed last year!

    Still only the one emerged!