Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Walks, Sightings and Sounds in the Merry Month of May!

6th May....Leasowes Park
Today was my first 'proper' walk around this park.  Plenty of bird song was heard with Song Thrush, Wren, Robin, Blackbird and a delightful pair of Blackcaps gathering nesting material being the highlights!

Barn Swallows viewed at Wassell Grove.
10th May....WWT Upton Warren N R
A visit with my Daughter today was interesting and an eyeopener to say the least! Hey ho, Onward and upward.;-)

A Grey Heron was getting short shrift from a Black-headed Gull! Maybe it was the weather causing the short fuses that abounded today! A good visit nonetheless.

11th May....Brake Mill, West Hagley
I watched from a distance the Blue Tits as they gathered the moss from the tree for their nest!

A shy wren!

This Goldfinch was very vocal, lovely to hear!

Insects were abundant!

 My first of the year Orange-tip Butterfly. A delightful female.
18th May....Wassell Grove
How lovely it is to see the hedgerows colouring up! Cowslips are always a joy to see!
It is not often I manage a 'fairly' decent image of a Common Whitethroat, I was pleased with this sighting and image.

There were a multitude of Colts-foot seed heads, they looked rather splendid in close proximity to each other.
19th May....Beacon Hills
The Beacon Hills was a favourite place to visit along with the Lickey Hills when I was a youngster, not that many years ago.;-)
The impressive Toposcope.
Wonderful panoramic views on such a bright sunny day!

Good to walk around this delightful little woodland once again. The sights, sounds and fragrances were very welcome on such a lovely sunny day!

The angle is correct! There is a steep incline in part of the wood.

22nd May....Bunkers Hill Bridleway.
A busy Nuthatch!

 A little cutie!

 The Great Tits have nested in this upright of the gate for a couple of years now. This was the best image I could manage, they were too quick for me to capture them...with my camera!

25th May....Wassell Grove
Canada Geese 'on the edge'!

One of a family of Long-tailed Tits that flitted in the trees by a stream. Great little birds to see and hear!
Longhorn Moth
Hoverfly species?

Green-veined White.
26th May....Stewponey Lock and Wharf  plus Wolverley Lock No 8.
Stewponey Lock and Wharf.
Canal walks are always a pleasure to do...especially so early mornings! It was to be a delightfully warm and sunny day so an early start was taken to make the most of the peaceful walk along the towpaths. Numerous cyclists were later seen peddling furiously in front and behind us on the walk. Those in front are obvious to see it is the one's that are behind you and belong to what I call the 'No- bell' club and creep up on you silently that are the problem! Why do they not have a bell on their bikes?
I believe this is Periwinkle? It was the only cluster of this flower seen along this stretch of the canal.

Numerous Song Thrushes were singing today, always a joy to hear and also interesting listening to the various songs from the Thrushes.

 A Dunnock in the hedgerow. Very apt!

One of two Buzzards seen today.

Someone is going to enjoy a good lunch!

Wolverley Lock No 8.
This was the first walk along this stretch of the canal. An enjoyable walk with the added bonus of the The Lock Inn being a good place to refresh oneself after the walk.;-) They do a mean Cheese Burger and hand cut chips.;-)
A couple of meadows were almost filled to capacity with Buttercups, a great sight to see these delightful Wildflowers doing so well!

House Martin, Barn Swallow and Swift were a pleasure to see hawking the water and fields! Insects seemed to have irrupted in their thousands today as there were endless clouds of them along the waterways and in the fields!

My Garden.
Blue Tits are nesting in a box in my garden and at present are strenously toing and froing with food for their chicks! I hope I am around when they hopefully safely fledge!
Blossom on a Crab Apple tree looking good in the sunshine!

Changeable weather during May, I wonder what 'Flaming June' will bring!


  1. Another lovely update with some super images Pam,love the Coltsfoot seedhead....but not the early DLL'S!!!! lol
    We have members of the "No Bell" club here too.....dangerous aren't they!

  2. Ha ha! The dreaded DLL's Ruth!!!

    They are dangerous and one day I will not step aside and then see what happens! Most are very polite and slow down but some....!!

    Thanks for your comments, I am pleased you enjoyed the update and stayed the!