Sunday, 2 June 2013

Brake Lane to County Lane....01/06/2013

After an early start to the day, namely a quick visit at 7.00am ish to the local Car Boot for some bedding plants, I returned home with my goods and proceeded to Brake Lane! For a change of scenery I decided to walk the path that leads to County Lane instead of walking the circular route. A  family of Starlings flew across the open fields as I began my walk and Corvids and Gulls were sighted feeding in distant fields. Swallows hawked the fields and later on the walk House Martins and an the odd Swift were sighted hawking alongside Swallows, well not literally alongside! A Common Buzzard was spotted on the ground in a field inhabited by sheep, the sheep having been relieved of their winter coats looked rather skinny! The Buzzard was later sighted several times in flight and 'hovering' like a Kestrel, the wind had picked up so no doubt helping the Buzzard to 'hover'! In fact the wind had cooled the air somewhat even though the sun continued to shine, in full sun it was still pleasantly warm but in the shaded areas.....brrrr!! Skylarks intermittently sang whilst 'Flying High' and hovering, lovely to see and hear but I do fear for them as they suddenly parachute down to earth! Singing Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Song Thrush, Wren, Dunnock, Robin and Blackbird were a delight to hear and some of the species were actually seen despite the bright green foliage on most of the trees making it difficult to see the birds. Treecreeper, Yellowhammer, Great and Blue Tit were seen busily foraging for insects no doubt for their chicks. A Great Spotted Woodpecker suddenly alerted me to it's presence as it alarm called, it was not me it was wary of but a Jay who probably knew there to be a nest in the tree! The Woodpecker called for several minutes then the Jay gave up and took flight, I walked on and left the GSW to settle down.

The only butterflies seen were White species, maybe it was a little too early in the day and cool for the butterflies. I was pleased to see my first Wild Poppies of the Spring/Summer, though they were distant it was lovely to see their red heads bobbing about in the breeze...or rather in the wind!

It was a refreshing two hour walk, I linger a lot!

A beautiful Holly Blue butterfly has been flitting around in my garden the last couple of days, today I managed a couple of photo's as she settled.


  1. Sounds like a nice start to the day Pam,lovely to see those wild favourite flowers!
    I have planted Birds-foot Trefoil in an area of my garden to try to encourage the blue butterflies in.....they need all the help they can get don't they.....your Holly Blue is a stunner well captured!
    Enjoy the sunshine!!!!

  2. It was a lovely early start to the day Ruth! A lovely time of the year.

    Enjoy the sunshine yourself...and long may it shine!

  3. That sounded a very pleasant walk Pam and there was certainly plenty to keep you entertained. Very appropriate that you should see the Skylarks 'flying high' ;-) they really are a lovely sight and sound.

    It certainly is getting more difficult to see the birds now but isn't that bright green foliage beautiful, the loveliest time of year I think. Lovely photos of the Holly Blue. When I see them in my garden they are always too quick for the camera.

    I see I missed commenting on your previous post Pam :-( I read it and admired the lovely photos on at least two occasions but kept getting interrupted. I did enjoy catching up with the news of all your walks though. It was lovely to see the Whitethroat, it's not often I find them and I think I've only ever managed two photos! Great photo of the Orange Tip too.

  4. Thanks for your comments Jan! I must admit to stalking the Holly Blue!;-)

    I hope you are enjoying this lovely early summer weather we are having!

  5. Beautiful photograph, nature is wonderful:) Greetings

  6. Greetings and 'thank you' to you ZielonaMila.

    I agree 100%,nature is wonderful!:)