Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dowles Brook, Wyre Forest....09/06/2013

A sunny and relatively warm morning for the walk around Dowles Brook. No Dipper or Grey Wagtails seen but a stunning male Common Redstart made up for them. Blackcaps were seen and heard and Wood Warbler is still heard only for me! I shall have to pay another visit here before they depart again! Butterflies were the target today, they were quite flighty but I did manage a few shots  before they took flight once more!

A shy Beautiful Demoiselle, Immature male.

A shy Common Buzzard! A Buzzard later in the morning was seen being chased away  by a Raven!


Pearl-borderd Fritillary...I believe! Confirmation on ID as opposed to Small pearl-bordered would be appreciated on this image and the following 2 images.

Speckled Yellow, Day-flying Moth. A first for me! There were umpteen of them in flight and not often settling.

The suns rays through the trees were a treat to see, unfortunately my photo does not do it justice.


  1. A nice sunny post Pam!
    Your Pearl-bordered Fritillary looks different from the ones we saw on Anglesey as they have a lighter look and a definite cream edge to the wings but looking in my Manley guide it's the underwings that are best for indentification so not that helpful a statement from me! lol
    Hopefully you'll get a positive ID to confirm either way!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Ruth! My apologies for the late reply to you, I have been otherwise engaged for a week.;-)

      I wish I had managed an underwing image as that is usually a clincher. I now have time for further!

  2. Hi Pam, I have read that Wyre Forest is a great place for butterflies and a lovely place to walk and your photos show that. Your fritillary is lovely! I can't help with which of the two it is although I did try, but if you haven't already looked UK Butterflies shows the differences at the bottom of the page...good luck with that, you may need it ;-)

    The moth is really pretty too!

    Re your previous reply I completely agree about the little bags decorating trees and bushes. I cannot imagine how even one person would ever have thought of doing such a thing and was amazed that it seems to happen countrywide!

    1. Thanks for your kind commemts Jan and for having a go at ID'ing the Fritillary! I will persevere with the ID'ing!

  3. Dippers aside, sounds like you had a great walk Pam! there is always something to see in the Wyre!

  4. I agree 100% Jason..each of the four seasons offers interest at the Wyre!