Saturday, 8 June 2013

Walking the 'North Worcestershire Path'..well a smidgen of it!.... 08/06/2013

The walk was the bridleway at Sugar Loaf Lane, a lengthy bridleway...on shanks's pony! A sunny morning with a slight breeze, perfect walking weather!
Birds were mostly heard than seen today,  as the foliage on the trees and hedgerows is now giving ideal cover for the birds. A pair of Buzzards were most definately seen as they eventually both perched in a dead tree, too distant for any meaningful image of them. Song Thrush, Chaffinch, Chiffchaff, Robin, Blackbird, Starlings (at least 3 sizeable flocks were seen and very flighty), Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Corvids were seen and heard, Great and Blue Tit were heard only. Surprisingly not one butterfly was seen, I had at least expected Speckled Wood, Peacock and a few Whites to have been flitting around!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable 2 hour walk in an area I have not visited for a long time!

Not the best of views at the start of my walk! It beggars belief the mentality of some folk!
Now this is much better! A long time since I had managed a 'record' shot of a Green Woodpecker!

Lovely seeing and hearing Song Thrushes on this super sunny morning!

Plenty of these in the fields and paddocks!



  1. Looks like you had a pleasant walk Pam once you got past the fly-tipped rubbish (it really makes my blood boil!)

  2. My heart sank when I came across the rubbish Jason!

  3. What beautiful views Pam,love the meadow pic and the baby rabbit!
    There really is no excuse for dumping rubbish in these days of kerbside re-cycling......make my blood boil!!! Grrrr!!!

  4. Their were umpteen baby rabbits in the fields, it was difficult to choose which one to photograph.;-)

    As you say Ruth there is "no excuse" for dumping rubbish!

  5. Oh dear, my pet hate and a subject which is guaranteed to raise my blood pressure! What is wrong with these people that they have no respect for our beautiful countryside? It saddens me immensely. I'll spare you my thoughts on what I would like to do to such people!!

    Apart from that It did look a very pleasant walk Pam with lovely photos of what you saw. Buttercups (I assume they were Buttercups) massed together like that are such a pretty sight! The last photo of the rabbit made me smile :-)

    I think there are definitely fewer butterflies around this year, sadly no wonder with the strange weather we have experienced in the last twelve months or so :-(

  6. Another pet hate of mine Jan is blue, pink or cream coloured plastic bags adorning the hedgerows in some areas!!! Best not to go there perhaps!!

    You are correct they were Buttercups Jan! I have not seen so many Buttercups for a few years, the late Spring it would appear has been beneficial for them!

    I also smiled at the rabbit, he/she was on lookout duty I reckon!

    Thanks for your kind comments Jan!