Thursday, 4 July 2013

That's All Folks!

As the title says 'That's All Folks'! This is my last blog post for the foreseeable future. I feel that over a couple of years or so a blog can become too repetitive! I have this year found that I am struggling to find the incentive to put together a post in what I would call 'real time', therefore a few posts have been 'old news'! Time for a rest from blogging methinks.

My thanks are extended to the people who have kindly commented and also to anyone who has 'looked in' from time to time.

My last couple of images will be of something a little 'different'!

It is a Magpie that I spotted on Tuesday (2nd July) whilst on a shopping trip! I first spotted it on a traffic island and later on nearby embankments along with 'normal' Magpies!

A 'pretty' leucistic Magpie in my humble opinion.

Take care folks!